You shook me all night long solo 7 year old taj farrant Scarica

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  • 22 mag 2017

  • 7 year old taj farrant solo You shook me all night long #acdc #angusyoung #youshookmeallnightlong #notbadfor7 #drom #dromclothing #gibsonsg #kidrips


  • Ultimate Builder
    Ultimate Builder 1 anno fa

    This young man has some jealous viewers and that's a good thing, makes that talent grow stronger. Use that negative energy to your advantage.

  • Sarah Bennett
    Sarah Bennett 1 anno fa

    Truly a legend in the making! Wow!

  • Charles Loveday
    Charles Loveday 1 anno fa

    How can anyone dislike this?

  • cesar valerio machado valerio

    Born to play guitar!

  • Eric Price
    Eric Price 1 anno fa

    Long live rock and roll

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes 4 mesi fa

    Taj you are just to cool bro. I have been going backwards into your early years and I am so impressed. You must have been born with a pick in your hand. 😂 Good Stuff

  • edward brand
    edward brand 5 mesi fa

    The guitar's bigger than him when he was seven years old, yet he still taught it who was boss... Well played young man, very well played indeed.

  • Marcos De Ros
    Marcos De Ros 3 anni fa

    Great playing!!!

  • fiese friesin
    fiese friesin 1 anno fa

    His story: for 9 years, two people meet in wacken, they loved by the sound of motörhead. His Mom slept on a 1000W speaker and heard heavy metal all the time! . . . .

  • Teresa
    Teresa 1 anno fa

    Proof of reincarnation

  • Richard W
    Richard W 1 anno fa

    Would love to hear you do “Crossroads”

  • David Jordão Moreira

    Caraca maluco, o mlk é o cara

  • bev johnson
    bev johnson 2 anni fa

    keep up the brill playing

  • Ace Spades69
    Ace Spades69 1 anno fa

    So awesome! Great job!

  • Slavisa Nestor
    Slavisa Nestor 1 mese fa

    New champion is born!

  • Tami Horton
    Tami Horton 1 anno fa

    Your are a super⭐ Soon to be legendary ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Bruce Holcomb
    Bruce Holcomb 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    Man ,,it aught to be a crime to be that young,and be that good at guitar,,,but the rest of us can,only dream,,Keep rocking dude,,,we like it,,

  • Fred Dobber
    Fred Dobber 8 mesi fa

    What a strange looking creatcher

  • Igor Cardim
    Igor Cardim 3 anni fa

    Esse garota é fera de mais

  • radkins80
    radkins80 1 anno fa

    13 people raging because they can't play this solo that good🤣