Worship Mashup: Raise A Hallelujah/Hallelujah | Caleb + Kelsey Scarica

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  • 1 nov 2019

  • Official Caleb + Kelsey mashup of "Raise A Hallelujah" by Bethel Music and "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. Download/stream this song on your favorite music service: https://smarturl.it/CKRaiseAHallelujah Subscribe to Caleb + Kelsey's new YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/SubCalebKelsey Follow Caleb + Kelsey: Facebook: https://facebook.com/calebandkelseyof... Instagram: https://instagram.com/calebandkelsey Twitter: https://instagram.com/calebandkelsey Follow Caleb Grimm: Twitter: https://twitter.com/calebgrimm Instagram: https://instagram.com/calebgrimm Follow Kelsey Grimm Twitter: https://twitter.com/thekelseygrimm Instagram: https://instagram.com/thekelseygrimm


  • Vann Chu
    Vann Chu 8 mesi fa

    I raise a hallelujah, in the presence of my enemies

  • Lewidreams Studio
    Lewidreams Studio 10 mesi fa

    A church sister has succomed to her explotion accident in her home that happened about a week aho she died yesterday .

  • Hailey HackBuster
    Hailey HackBuster 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    This kept me from getting lost and forgetting that he is good I got lost but I’m trying to fix it this just reminds me how great is love really is thanks guys hope you never stop your voices are amazing love you 💗💕🥰

  • Kaitlyn Johnson
    Kaitlyn Johnson 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Fantastic job caleb and Kelsey. Love your voices. Keep it up

  • Tamera Morgan
    Tamera Morgan 1 mese fa

    like at song on YouTube relationship raise a hallelujah

  • Caleb Arn
    Caleb Arn 10 mesi fa

    My literal anthem right how is this song. Absolutely love y'all for doing this. Whoa whoa soooo good. Much needed right before work

  • Xeria Santos
    Xeria Santos 10 mesi fa

    I love how you're voices blend so well...awesome

  • Abby Loveday
    Abby Loveday 10 mesi fa

    Thanks for inspiring me! Raise a hallelujah was a huge inspiration when my mom passed away in hospice. Losing my mom at 14 has been hard.... Caleb and Kelsey, your music has been such a great source of comfort! It was so lovely meeting you guys this summer! God bless you guys!

  • Outlaw Me Himself
    Outlaw Me Himself 10 mesi fa

    Praise the Lord in Jesus name .....

  • Lewidreams Studio
    Lewidreams Studio 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Hallejuah !!!! i raise the highest praise to you lord. With everything and my deepest breathe.🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😳😇😍

  • Rohan Rai
    Rohan Rai 10 mesi fa

    Whoever dislikes this video, can u aleast sing a normal song that you are judging others...

  • Mark Barron
    Mark Barron 5 mesi fa

    When they were cutting my toes off this was my battle song GOD gave me a verse to psalms

  • Rhea Getalada
    Rhea Getalada 5 mesi fa

    Everytime my baby will cry ill just play this song and wow...sleeps tight...really admire your voices...godbless both of you and your family

  • i-am- Aurora
    i-am- Aurora 10 mesi fa

    Such a great voice

  • Robert Monroe Plays
    Robert Monroe Plays 10 mesi fa

    refreshing combination masterfully done. Thanks for sharing! The harmonies on this are soul chilling.

  • Lidya Edowai
    Lidya Edowai 2 ore fa

    Amen 🙏🙏

  • Neri
    Neri 10 mesi fa

    With the Hallelujah part, you've made one of my favourite songs even better!

  • Simon Dux Music
    Simon Dux Music 10 mesi fa

    Beautiful sweet music. God bless you.

  • Beatrice Avram
    Beatrice Avram 10 mesi fa

    Perfect for this beautiful morning 🙌🏼😭

  • p j
    p j 10 mesi fa