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  • 28 ott 2019

  • Elevation Worship leading an acoustic version of “With You,” from their album “At Midnight."  Subscribe to get the latest videos and songs: https://bit.ly/2kzs91K Find chord charts, lyrics, and more at: https://elevationworship.com/song-res... Available everywhere now:  EW Website | https://elevationworship.com Apple Music | http://ele.vc/4ijEej iTunes | http://ele.vc/txf2S4 Spotify | http://ele.vc/UwOZTS Amazon | http://ele.vc/AAFotA Pandora | http://ele.vc/2AQ4ED Connect with Elevation Worship: Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/elevationwor... Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/elevationwo... Twitter | https://twitter.com/elevation_wrshp Lyrics: Beneath the surface Of my anxious imagination Beckons a calmness That is found in you alone It washes over every doubt, every imperfection Jesus your presence Is the comfort of my soul There’s nowhere I’d rather be When you’re singing over me I just wanna be here with you I'm lost in your mystery I’m found in your love for me I just wanna be here with you Here in the waiting I won’t worry about tomorrow No need to focus On the things I can’t control All my attention On the wonder of this moment Jesus your presence Is the comfort of my soul So let all that I am Be consumed with who you are Oh the glory of your presence What more could I ask for Written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hammer CCLI #: 7118565 ISRC: US-PJT-19-00029 #elevationworship #withyou #atmidnight #acoustic


  • Joy Manlun
    Joy Manlun 11 mesi fa

    Jesus, Your presence is the comfort of my soul.

  • Anna Rivera
    Anna Rivera 11 mesi fa

    My granddaughter and I sing this song over and over together. It ministers to both of us. She is 4 and sings with all her little heart. She loves Tiffany Hammer.

  • Bre Raquel
    Bre Raquel 11 mesi fa

    Elevation is an absolute blessing I was so excited when With You came out I remember listening to it for the first time and feeling the presence of God enrapturing me. This song help you meditate and commune with the very presence of God and I am grateful for the anointing on Elevation worship. ❤️

  • arthur giovanni
    arthur giovanni 9 mesi fa

    "So let all that I am

  • artsy hope_
    artsy hope_ 11 mesi fa

    "I am lost in your mystery"......that is me right now

  • Syron Harvey
    Syron Harvey 11 mesi fa

    Tiffany has such and amazing voice when it comes to singing

  • Sya Blue
    Sya Blue 10 mesi fa

    When you're singing over me, i just wanna be here with you

  • Ethan Mason
    Ethan Mason 11 mesi fa

    Can't get enough of this song, love it so much!

  • Passion8 4God
    Passion8 4God 11 mesi fa

    What a BLESSED way to start my workday!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Yahaira Miranda
    Yahaira Miranda 11 mesi fa

    Oh myyyy I felt goosebumps all over!!!! This song is not only powerful, but their voices, their connection was just amazing! I loved it so much

  • KLL Muñoz
    KLL Muñoz 10 mesi fa

    Tiffany and her heart for worship is amazing! Praise God! 💜

  • Jahnelsa Logue
    Jahnelsa Logue 11 mesi fa

    Every word in the lyrics makes my heart melt 😭💛

  • Melanie
    Melanie 11 mesi fa

    I love these acoustic versions! I NEED THIS ON SPOTIFY/ITUNES! :) @Elevation Worship

  • Jonah Ullman
    Jonah Ullman 10 mesi fa

    when her voice breaks slightly in the Bridge, i feel it in my soul

  • Blazing Night Stars
    Blazing Night Stars 11 mesi fa

    This is so beautiful 😍❤️

  • Maryline Carmona
    Maryline Carmona 11 mesi fa

    I cannot get over this song!🦋😔♥️

  • marie prando
    marie prando 11 mesi fa

    L amour de dieu a été répandu dans nos coeurs par son esprit qui habite en nous gloire au père et au fils et au saint esprit amen alléluia

  • 1HOTGal
    1HOTGal 11 mesi fa

    Really nice relaxing amazing sing

  • Cristal W
    Cristal W 11 mesi fa

    So glad I stopped to listen to this song. I almost skipped it over. But I needed to hear these words right now. Thank you God.

  • Victor Lalthlamuana
    Victor Lalthlamuana 10 mesi fa

    Me:i love this song