Why this Jax build is the Only One In Challenger Scarica

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  • 18 mag 2017

  • The Only Korean Jax in Challenger Facebook: https://goo.gl/RgHvYR Twitter: https://goo.gl/TDqsRh Instagram: https://goo.gl/oDCG3g


  • Cowsep
    Cowsep 3 anni fa

    no pls no more jax in my games

  • Joseph Dittrich
    Joseph Dittrich 1 anno fa

    Me watching this video in 2019: huh, that makes sense.

  • 5inned15
    5inned15 2 anni fa

    "jax you dont see very often" - Me: wait what? Oh wait, yeah iam old... i remember the old days xD

  • HeyHoy
    HeyHoy 3 anni fa

    Hasinshins secret korean account

  • Pangeaner
    Pangeaner 3 anni fa

    imagine if i had a real weapon

  • Zero
    Zero 3 anni fa

    "This build has no attack speed" > Triforce gives 40% ???

  • Raido
    Raido 3 anni fa


  • Osmoza
    Osmoza 3 anni fa


  • Hunter's Talisman
    Hunter's Talisman 3 anni fa

    No, every champion does NOT have the same attack speed at level 1 or any levels.

  • Pafon
    Pafon 1 anno fa (modificato)

    2019: Wow! I will play only JAX now!

  • Lorenzo Fantini
    Lorenzo Fantini 3 anni fa

    "no attack speed"

  • Ninjak
    Ninjak 3 anni fa

    You cant beat the koreans I guess

  • vvvortic
    vvvortic 3 anni fa

    dong fong

  • Timofej Bobkov
    Timofej Bobkov 3 anni fa

    I'm asian so i can do this

  • Ryan Robin
    Ryan Robin 3 anni fa

    Jax and I are a match made in heaven.

  • Alfred Lim
    Alfred Lim 3 anni fa

    Basically an Irelia that scales better late game

    CLOCKWORK 3 anni fa


  • Ice Sun
    Ice Sun 1 anno fa

    Thought this was a recent video until got to the runes lol why did YT recommend this

  • McconnellRet
    McconnellRet 1 mese fa

    Despite the video being 3 years old, the build still works really well. Jax is a surprisingly really good front line tank that can just run around and blend up squishies.

  • Svetlio Doychinov
    Svetlio Doychinov 3 anni fa

    Short version: This build is viable bcs tanks are OP