When the Nitrous hits... Nitrous Truck vs. Challenger R/T Scarica

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  • 19 mar 2019

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  • Sir Charles
    Sir Charles 1 anno fa


  • 2SSANTI Vlog
    2SSANTI Vlog 1 anno fa

    Why is the passenger all scared about going fast 😂 it’s fun man

    A FREAKING LEMON 1 anno fa

    Nitrous the miata!!! But blow the engine HELL YEA THATS HOW MURICA DOES IT

  • Kolby Humbert
    Kolby Humbert 1 anno fa

    Never realized what anxiety was until i watched that dude walk up to the bottle on fire

  • Justan Rideout
    Justan Rideout 1 anno fa

    "Has never had cocaine " his PO box is about to get interesting

  • Exhaustus
    Exhaustus 1 anno fa

    truck is wrapped, lift in the shop, and this is the video that comes out? LMAO

  • Mohammad Mujtaba
    Mohammad Mujtaba 11 mesi fa

    "I love this button hahahahah" "ejecto seato cuz"

  • Collin Breshears
    Collin Breshears 1 anno fa

    “Never had a vehicle with a turbo” bruh what about Allison?

  • FearTheBlueFox
    FearTheBlueFox 1 anno fa

    When he said “Arm the kit” I legit thought of a bomb

  • Ethan QS
    Ethan QS 1 anno fa

    You just gonna ignore the new lift in the background?

  • Cobra 427
    Cobra 427 1 anno fa

    Is no one going to talk about how how everyone almost caught on fire?

  • Franky Salinas
    Franky Salinas 1 anno fa

    “Nitrous on a stock engine would be fun, for sure” these words have been said way to many times by men

  • MoodyHD
    MoodyHD 1 anno fa

    Why does Gavin look different every video one day he look stressed...next he’s happy...next he look young....next he look old....one day he’s tanned...next he’s pale like what is it 😂😂😂

  • Romeo Salas
    Romeo Salas 1 anno fa

    Yes to gloss black rose!

  • Ryan Mills
    Ryan Mills 1 anno fa

    I told my girlfriend to be quiet so I could watch this🤩🤩

  • Gaige M
    Gaige M 1 anno fa

    “That was a bad idea” lmao

    TRICITIES RACING 1 anno fa

    I just done the same thing with nitrous on my srt4 swap caravan project earlier today lol. Its a fun time!

  • Whitegleeshy
    Whitegleeshy 1 anno fa

    Been here for a LONG time so I really missed videos with Dan 3

  • Mason Wright
    Mason Wright 1 anno fa

    Loving the intro 🔥

  • Jake Campbell
    Jake Campbell 1 anno fa

    Haven’t watched a video in a few months love the new intro!