Wanted Official Trailer #1 - Morgan Freeman Movie (2008) HD Scarica

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  • 9 gen 2012

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  • TopNotch Idiots
    TopNotch Idiots 2 anni fa

    Just watched this

  • brizihe
    brizihe 6 anni fa

    Wow, and he still blames Magneto for curving JFK's bullet.

  • Annabelandobsession

    it's a really good film - one of those ones where you just accept what's happening; don't question it.

  • Jenna Kris
    Jenna Kris 3 anni fa


  • sdaftermath123
    sdaftermath123 4 anni fa

    Such an underated film.

  • Citizen
    Citizen 6 anni fa

    after watching this i felt sorry for the rats

  • 姚澜
    姚澜 4 anni fa

    when James McAvoy still looks very young

  • L30
    L30 3 anni fa (modificato)


  • Hiddi Duran
    Hiddi Duran 5 anni fa

    Absolutly the most beautiful lady on planet earth Angelina Jolie!

  • dana crowe
    dana crowe 6 anni fa

    the trailer doesnt do the movie justice

  • Dieter Fischer
    Dieter Fischer 5 anni fa

    This movie is a bit weird but very cool! Watched it yesterday.

  • Ellen Golton
    Ellen Golton 4 anni fa

    This seems kind of similar to Kingsman but with baby James McAvoy

  • SoulReaperSlayer19
    SoulReaperSlayer19 4 anni fa

    Watching this movie high was like another worldly experience, under recommend it if you guys haven't...

  • Emma Watson
    Emma Watson 5 anni fa

    I love this movie, i didnt expect it to be good to be honest. Boring at first but interesting after a little while.

  • Sahajan Khan
    Sahajan Khan 2 anni fa

    Who else spotted gordon ramsey at

  • bbh
    bbh 3 anni fa

    man, i shipped them so hard. why did she have to..

  • Simon Bawi
    Simon Bawi 1 anno fa

    I’ve been wanting to watch this because I watched back in 2011 and I couldn’t find it

  • OEC
    OEC 4 anni fa

    he is hot.

  • Claira Grace
    Claira Grace 5 anni fa

    Yes I knew he was set up from day one just to kill his own father who wouldn't kill him.  Dame secrets .....

  • Doda Garcia
    Doda Garcia 3 mesi fa

    The movie was awesome but it feels like they show all the cool death scenes in the trailer.