What it's like to wake up to a Tornado outside your apartment Scarica

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  • 16 apr 2018

  • I'm grateful that nothing was damaged from this storm and even more grateful that my car was with Jeremy from Creative Detail Solutions. __ Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and turn notifications on! Be sure to drop a like and/or comment on what you think about this video and what else you want to see! Feedback is greatly appreciated! __ If you haven't already, be sure to stop by my Instagram //@itsjusta6


  • itsjusta6
    itsjusta6 2 anni fa

    This was one of the scariest things that has happened to me recently. I honestly couldn’t even believe the size of it and how close it was to us. It touched down literally 100 yards from us. Luckily, my car was at the shop getting ceramic coated..

  • Cars Overdose
    Cars Overdose 2 anni fa

    This is gonna be viral

  • Tommy240
    Tommy240 2 anni fa

    *people having some fun in the rain

  • Tony Davila
    Tony Davila 2 anni fa

    And they ask why you need a 700hp car. You'll be the first one out of the state with that car.

  • Y’all niggas Some bitches

    This channel before the mustang was ehh but after the mustang your videos have improved in every way

  • Drop a Gear and Disappear

    Man your intro gives me goosebumps, glad nobody was injured in the tornado

  • MustangNthusiast
    MustangNthusiast 2 anni fa (modificato)

    Move the camera so it's around your chin, so we can see through the window better. :)

  • Justin Matthews
    Justin Matthews 2 anni fa

    Definitely do daily vlogs

  • Red Hall
    Red Hall 2 anni fa

    The coating looks amazing bro...... happy everyone is ok

  • Cynco
    Cynco 2 anni fa (modificato)

    It's a good thing your mustang wasn't harmed but more especially it's a good thing YOU weren't harmed. Keep doin what ya do

  • Isaiah Pineda
    Isaiah Pineda 2 anni fa

    Your videos are not boring they're awesome.

  • Sebastian Luna
    Sebastian Luna 2 anni fa

    They’re not boring, keep doing what you doing !

    NICO MONDESIR 2 anni fa

    I like the vlog style videos

  • Garcansdad
    Garcansdad 2 anni fa

    Black paint has never looked that good. Impressive!

  • victor b
    victor b 2 anni fa


  • Jaime Sosa
    Jaime Sosa 2 anni fa

    Glad your 5.0 was safe

  • David Grasso
    David Grasso 2 anni fa

    These videos aren’t boring. Keep up the vlogs!!

  • Braxton France
    Braxton France 2 anni fa

    I love the stang and all bit how come nobody cares about 6

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 2 anni fa (modificato)

    You should make a video on how you budget your money when your thinking about buying a vehicle.

  • S V
    S V 2 anni fa

    1. Glad you’re okay man!!