VERIFY: Does charging your phone overnight kill the battery? Scarica

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  • 31 mag 2018

  • It's an argument couples will continue to have: does charging your phone overnight kill the battery?


  • Kejko
    Kejko 6 mesi fa

    I charging my phone overnight for 3 years. Batery is still in good condition.

  • Pain Jasten
    Pain Jasten 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    I watch this after I watch brightside video about charging my phone overnight and I don't know who I am going to believe.

  • Gagan deep
    Gagan deep 1 anno fa

    Can i charge my phone overnight?

  • armand dautayo
    armand dautayo 1 mese fa

    they must do the experiment that charge 2 same smartphone

  • Mx9H
    Mx9H 10 mesi fa

    I just realized that there are only 4 comments in this video

  • Jimin jimin
    Jimin jimin 1 mese fa

    Y'all. Who do I believe

  • Dantés Inferno
    Dantés Inferno 1 settimana fa

    They just want you to keep overcharging your phone so that you have to waste more money on buying another battery. Dont believe them, theyre lying!! Lol.

  • Pasindu Binath
    Pasindu Binath 2 mesi fa (modificato)

    If charger turns off , why Don't I loose a single percentage of the battery while it's idling in night? If i keep the screen off for 2 hours I loose charge but not over night, which means battery is getting charged to stay at 100% till I unplug it

  • megazwatcher
    megazwatcher 4 mesi fa

    i charged my tablet, smart phone and bluetooth speaker over night every day, my tablet died, had to replace the battery, my phone started losing charge super fast, replaced patter month later same thing, bluetooth speaker? i'm on my 4th, obviously it does damage your battery

  • D V
    D V 1 anno fa

    No and yes

  • SKYE LOVER 2003
    SKYE LOVER 2003 1 anno fa

    Yes you can charge over night if you have battery draining apps running in background