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  • 4 feb 2019

  • After a long build process, we are excited to finally share our finished van! We bought a brand new 2017 Ram Promaster 3500 and converted it into a campervan with the help of a family friend, as well as a certified electrician for the installation of our 24 Volt Victron electrical system. Our van is truly self-sustainable with our 24v lithium ion batteries and we can run things like our microwave, water heater, AC, and more while off-grid. We have four solar panels and a dual alternator to charge our batteries. Our van is also unique because we have two couches and a permanent bed set up on our Happijac bed lift system. We also have the option to convert our couches into another bed to sleep more people. We have a full shower and a separate bathroom to have the most comfortable and functional layout as possible. We hope you enjoyed our tour! Like this video and subscribe to our channel if you would like to follow along our journey. You can find the links to some the products in our van linked below (As an Amazon Associate we earn a small amount from qualifying purchases, so if you want to support us buy the products via our links - and at no extra cost to you!). You can also find out more info on our van build and products we used on our website: Bathroom: Nature’s head composting toilet: Medicine cabinet: Shower: Shower pan: Shower head: Lighting: Outside Light bar and spot lights: Waterproof lights: Recessed Ceiling Lights: Light strips: Kitchen: Cabinet latches: Induction cooktop: Sink faucet: Ventilation: Air Conditioner: AC cover: Heat kit for AC: Fantastic fan: Closet: Shoe rack: MoFi WiFi router: WeBoost cell booster: TV mount: Couch/living area: Gas props in benches: Safe: Telescoping Ladder: 4 Gallon hot water heater: Bedlift: Waterfilter: Electrical system: Victron Lithium-Ion Battery 24V/180Ah (We bought 2)- Victron Energy 1000 Amp Lynx Ion BMS- Victron MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 120V VE.Bus Inverter Charger- Or you can buy it on amazon here: Victron MK3-USB interface- Or you can buy it on amazon here: Victron Color Control GX- Or you can buy it on amazon here: Victron RJ45 UTP Cable 1.8 metres- Victron Energy RJ45 UTP Cable 0.3 metres- We purchased most of our electrical system from Peter at PKYS INC ( He was very helpful and answered all of our questions. We recommend purchasing these items from here. You can support us by purchasing through our links provided above, as we make a small percentage of the sale (at not extra cost to you). Camera gear: Camera: Microphone for camera: Moment wide angle phone lens: Phone microphone: Connect with us: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Our website: Email: Who we are: We are Jon and Ray, a couple from Seattle, WA. We are full-time van lifers, traveling the US with our dog JJ, in our converted Promaster “Road Dreamer” or “Roadie” for short. We make videos about traveling to new places, what it’s like living in a van, and tips/tricks to help fellow van lifers. We hope to inspire others to try new things, alternative ways of living, and to explore the beautiful world we live in. We post new videos every Sunday. We appreciate your support on our journey! Music: Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:


  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins 1 anno fa

    Loved the van. The only thing I would change is to have the toilet and shower in one which would free up the other area for a permanent storage. I couldn't be taking stuff in and out of the shower every time I needed to use it.

  • AI Be Certain
    AI Be Certain 1 anno fa

    definitely one of the best van conversions, great use of space from top to bottom

  • Paula Patrice
    Paula Patrice 1 anno fa

    I like the design but you need to kon mari. You have too much stuff! Ahhh the shower storage gives me anxiety seriously lol

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 1 anno fa

    I found your channel throw dave2d on YouTube

  • Dwight Dancy
    Dwight Dancy 1 anno fa

    I've been watching a ton of vids over the past couple of years, and you two have created some great ideas. I love how natural you seem on camera. You're real people...

  • Liz Steeds
    Liz Steeds 1 anno fa

    Holy shit ... your van is epic. You have really designed such a practical, liveable space that looks fabulous too. You have coordinated your interior colours and surfaces thoughtfully with the marble-look quartz being a standout. Did you counter balance the vehicle by putting the water tank on the opposite side ? ... and please excuse the truly awful pun !

  • shihanjian
    shihanjian 1 anno fa

    You guys have done a good job. Many people will definitely follow this van layout and build an identical one. Good job. The best so far.

  • Amelia L
    Amelia L 1 anno fa

    Wow. This is probably the first van I can imagine living in

  • Diana Prince
    Diana Prince 10 mesi fa

    best feature is the shower, its the nicest one ive seen in all the vids ive watched, with a good declutter you could make interior really fantastic. lovely job though,and congrats.

  • lauren minton
    lauren minton 11 mesi fa

    How on earth does your van move, looks heavy as heck lol love how different this van tour was

  • Dragon Skunk Studio

    OK the shower filled with stuff.

  • Julia Sharp
    Julia Sharp 7 mesi fa

    I love your van layout :) The closing bathroom door and separate shower are awesome! And it's a very nice shower. And the way you did everything created a really nice dog friendly space and I love that 3 Thanks for sharing it! Good luck in all your travels!

  • Avivamae
    Avivamae 1 anno fa

    Super awesome!! Seriously kick-ass!! If I Can make one small suggestion it's to use an external microphone (with wind muff) when filming and to level out the volume so it's consistent throughout the video. I still really REALLY enjoyed watching and I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining but it was pretty challenging to hear you because the volume kept dropping out then randomly going up so it was super quiet or too loud. No one expects perfection here of course haha just sharing a friendly tip as you grow your channel. Again your van is amazing, enjoy it! :)

  • Brenda Gomez
    Brenda Gomez 4 mesi fa

    The BEST van!!! Congratulations 🍾🙌🏼

  • Liberty Lost
    Liberty Lost 1 anno fa

    This is what I have wanted to see for a long time. I love it. Everything is what I would look for in a van. I love that you have a shower and toilet. I stop watching other van videos, once I find out they have no toilet, or a toilet under their kitchen. I would hate to live that way. Your van build it the best I ever seen. Good luck on your adventures.

  • DaShaun Thomas
    DaShaun Thomas 1 anno fa

    Like this post so we can account for how many times she says "R"

  • Tricia Dones
    Tricia Dones 7 mesi fa

    You had me at "security camera" LOL Nice van!! 3

  • jennypennypocket
    jennypennypocket 1 anno fa

    Yours is by far one of the best ven conversions I've seen on YouTube .

  • Erika McVey
    Erika McVey 4 mesi fa

    I really love this layout, it covers everything you need! I've seen a lot of vans with fixed beds and a little two seater table at the foot of the bed with a table that slides out. I'm sure it works for many, but it looks CRAMPED--you can't actually get up without sliding the table in, which would make computer work from the van tough IMO.

  • donyaPusa 19xx
    donyaPusa 19xx 3 mesi fa

    Its inspire me a lot to have one so perfect 💖💖💖