Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca - Wicked Game (Lyrics) Scarica

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  • 4 mar 2017

  • Song: Wicked Game Artist: Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca Original song by Chris Isaak I do not own the song, picture or font! All rights go to the orginal artists. If you want your song removed from my channel please message me on youtube! Inquiries and collaborations: equilanora.youtube@outlook.com


  • Spectre at the Feast
    Spectre at the Feast 3 anni fa (modificato)

    For everyone the original is done by Chris Isaak, every other version is a cover from his work. The song came out in 1989. Please pen this comment or upvote so people know this.

  • Silhouette
    Silhouette 1 anno fa

    This song makes me think about my relationship i dont have

  • S3R3ND1P1TY
    S3R3ND1P1TY 1 anno fa

    "I'd rather fall in love with music than with humans"

  • Pratyush Dayal
    Pratyush Dayal 1 anno fa

    I have heard so many covers of 'Wicked Game' and this one gotta be one of the most powerful besides the original by Chris Isaak.

  • Othrond I.
    Othrond I. 5 mesi fa

    For everybody who could use some luck today: there is a shooting star at

  • arwen_m 77
    arwen_m 77 1 anno fa

    "I'd never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you" gets me everytime

  • ZephyrCreiulf
    ZephyrCreiulf 1 anno fa

    That belting out if “No, I don’t wanna fall in love” makes me tear up every time. I’m apparently one of the people who feels music, and her voice blew me away.

    EMØZILL 1 mese fa

    Came here after The Umbrella Academy. Great song.

  • Celitia
    Celitia 11 mesi fa

    He kissed me, he touched me, he was holding my hand in front of his friends. Now he's saying that he never loved me. This song breaks my heart.

  • Magic Me
    Magic Me 1 anno fa

    This song hits me every time ...it's like something is running through my bones and going directly to the heart...it's such a deep feeling that blocks my voice automatically

  • Hamza Baloch
    Hamza Baloch 2 mesi fa

    "It's strange what desire will make foolish people do" Damn this line...

  • Arda Kaan Aşoğlu
    Arda Kaan Aşoğlu 1 anno fa


  • Josse De Leon
    Josse De Leon 1 anno fa

    I am in love with someone, that I can’t have......!

  • Sienna Caçador
    Sienna Caçador 5 mesi fa

    Listening to this breaks me

  • Luca De Matteis
    Luca De Matteis 1 anno fa

    Have you ever heard anything like that? I mean, this is something that digs deep inside of you. I am literally speechless.

  • Olivia Person
    Olivia Person 1 anno fa

    Fell in love hard

  • Shreya Yadav
    Shreya Yadav 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    Original : you’re falling in love with someone This version : you’re falling in love with the universe

  • KaInTo
    KaInTo 5 mesi fa

    In September 2019 I've realized my 16 years dream: I've bought an Alfa Romeo 156. This was the first song I've listened driving my new car ❤️🍀🐍

  • Josh Harrison
    Josh Harrison 1 anno fa

    This cover is hauntingly beautiful. If it's not on a movie soundtrack yet Hollywood is slippin!!!

  • Maday Starr
    Maday Starr 11 mesi fa

    This deep dark version has a haunting feeling that my black heart cannot handle 🌙🖤