trying on overhyped instagram activewear Scarica

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  • 30 lug 2019

  • today, we're trying overhyped instagram activewear...echt apparel & doyoueven - are they worth the hype? how do they compare to gymshark? watch and find out! ✩ Let's be BESTIES! ✩ Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: ✩ Business Opportunities ✩ ✩ Items Mentioned/Worn ✩ Ray-Ban Sunglasses: ✩ Filming Equipment ✩ Vlog Camera I SWEAR By: Vlog Camera Tripod: DSLR I Film With: DSLR Lens: *Some of the links above are affiliate links.* FTC Requirement: This video is not sponsored.


  • jack harrington
    jack harrington 1 anno fa

    the blue set looks amazing on you emma its my favorite 👍🍑😍💙😎💛

  • TZ
    TZ 1 anno fa

    Loved this video and your energy, as always 😍 The blue color looked amazing on you!! The burgundy one too and I think it was the best looking overall, too bad they are more of an athleisure feel!

  • Theresa Kettler
    Theresa Kettler 1 anno fa

    I've been wanting to try do you even for a while cause I've heard good things. Their colors are freakin awesome!

  • Amber Michelle Fitness

    Love the video!! 👍

  • Kathryn Mueller
    Kathryn Mueller 1 anno fa

    Omg the blue on your eyes!! Also hi I didn’t realize you did YouTube too hehe 💕

  • Josefine Dahl
    Josefine Dahl 1 anno fa

    You look great in the blue set! 😍 and also I don't know why but I find the first leggings with the "butt" thingy hilarious 😂

  • Rebecca Simply
    Rebecca Simply 1 anno fa

    Woahh girl abs on abs on abs! You look stunning! So motivated by all your progress. When you mentioned that you don't feel entirely comfortably in size smalls yet I just wanted to reach through the screen and shake you because you look UHHHMAAAZZINGGG!

  • Laura Davis
    Laura Davis 1 anno fa

    All these things are on AliExpress 😩 my heart hurts thinking about all the money you spent 😭 but I’m about to order that blue set from Ali because omg it looks sooo cute on you! 💙