Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, October 29, 2018 Scarica

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  • 30 ott 2018

  • WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week's Monday Night Raw to revisit the show's most thrilling, physical and controversial moments. GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Check out for news and updates: Find the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop: --------------------------------------------- Check out our other channels! --------------------------------------------- The Bella Twins: UpUpDownDown: WWEMusic: Total Divas: ------------------------------------ WWE on Social Media ------------------------------------ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Giphy:


  • Adrianna Saylor
    Adrianna Saylor 1 anno fa

    “Did you just call him dinner?” BRUH I’m dead 🤣😭😂

  • Minh Anh
    Minh Anh 1 anno fa

    Nice video

  • Berkay Yilmaz
    Berkay Yilmaz 1 anno fa

    Did cole just call sweet chin music a superkick?

  • Fenerbahçe 1907
    Fenerbahçe 1907 1 anno fa

    Face Seth vs Heel Dean will be an extreme feud I hope the feud will end at Wrestlemaina for the Universal Championship

  • Jay Helm
    Jay Helm 1 anno fa

    Dinner mahal lol

  • JKZWilli !
    JKZWilli ! 1 anno fa

    Did you just call him dinner?

  • BlueBlackBush
    BlueBlackBush 1 anno fa

    You would never think any of the jobbers in wwe were huge stars in NXT

  • Yan Evans
    Yan Evans 1 anno fa

    Undertaker Looking Better Than HHH & HBK 😂

  • Lets beat T series with no Videos

    And this is coming from Seth the person that not only betrayed the shield but joined the authority

  • BlueBlackBush
    BlueBlackBush 1 anno fa

    WWE's slowly changing into a retirment home if they keep bringing in all these legands

  • Gaming Aries
    Gaming Aries 1 anno fa (modificato)


  • Paweł Głuszyński

    Finn Balór is kind of guy who we know deserves a title shot and we know he won't probably get it :/

  • ASAP Offuseto
    ASAP Offuseto 1 anno fa

    Apollo is wasted talent

  • J Rivera21
    J Rivera21 1 anno fa


  • devansh khare
    devansh khare 1 anno fa

    Undertaker and kane vs tripal h and shawn micheal is the best match in raw history

  • Anjo Olazo
    Anjo Olazo 1 anno fa (modificato)

    play at

  • ThePhenomenal Club
    ThePhenomenal Club 1 anno fa

    Bobby lashley vs brock lesnar at werstlmania 35 !!!! 🔥🔥

  • Scorpion Project
    Scorpion Project 1 anno fa


  • Pakeeza Tariq
    Pakeeza Tariq 1 anno fa

    Braun sure to get the last laugh YESSS

    DEEP RAI DEEP 1 anno fa

    I missing Roman reigns