Todrick Hall - Y.A.S (Live Houseparty Tour, Amsterdam 12.10.2019) Scarica

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  • 14 ott 2019

  • Todrick Hall - Y.A.S (Live Houseparty Tour, Amsterdam 12.10.2019)


  • Ella Namukasa
    Ella Namukasa 10 mesi fa

    Someone out there: YAS doesn't cover enough music tastes.

  • ebube anochie
    ebube anochie 11 mesi fa

    This guy is something elseeee. I’m so impressed

  • Tha BoyFrend
    Tha BoyFrend 11 mesi fa

    He is sooooo creative! LOL I love it! I wonder were those real pics of the guys he cheated with . If so...damn shame

  • josh plunkett
    josh plunkett 10 mesi fa

    I was at his show last Saturday in St. Louis Mo. And it was honestly one of the best live shows ever! He and his dancers are fire!

  • Annette Echevarria
    Annette Echevarria 10 mesi fa

    I get to see him tonight! NYC YAAAASSSSS

  • Wilbur J
    Wilbur J 10 mesi fa

    I was at the San Diego show and this is the one song I didn't record but wish I had lol... I LOVED EVERY MOMENT!

  • Ryker Lewis
    Ryker Lewis 11 mesi fa

    Literally saw todrick in Manchester yesterday! Got a few videos but this is great thanks!

  • Jailsonjesse
    Jailsonjesse 11 mesi fa

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for this video yazzzzzzzzzz

  • L R
    L R 11 mesi fa

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been searching for it to show to people who couldn’t be there

  • Gene Svifson
    Gene Svifson 10 mesi fa

    I thought this was one of the best parts of that concert

  • Osman Aykut
    Osman Aykut 11 mesi fa

    Thanks for posting that pal. Great show!

  • senfully
    senfully 7 mesi fa

    This guy is amazing! Hope we get an official video of this full piece. So clever. Made me laugh so many times.

  • taraluvs jenny
    taraluvs jenny 11 mesi fa


  • Leo Frasiskov
    Leo Frasiskov 9 mesi fa

    Todrick is my Everything I LIVE FOR U TODRICK!!!!!!!!

  • bxby_doll
    bxby_doll 10 mesi fa

    i saw him in Manchester and I’m so glad you uploaded this!! i live for all the parodies at the end igdvkhfg

  • Ryan Faure
    Ryan Faure 10 mesi fa

    What's the name of the introooo 😭😍

  • Romaric Fotsing
    Romaric Fotsing 9 mesi fa

    Toldrick was amazing tonight!!

  • Marjorie Griffin
    Marjorie Griffin 10 mesi fa

    You are hilarious. 😀😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen 11 mesi fa

    what is the song at @

  • Russell Lash
    Russell Lash 7 mesi fa

    Silly question, but what kind of phone did you use to film this? The video quality is AMAZING. Think I need a new phone. Thank you. And thank you for posting this clip, was a FABulous concert.