This Must Stop Scarica

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  • 18 apr 2017

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  • Tyler
    Tyler 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    For anyone who’s wondering, both of the children being verbally abused in this video have been taken by social services to be placed in better homes and the mom has been taken into custody awaiting a trial. There is a video on good morning America’s YT channel called “YouTube stars lose custody of 2 children after prank videos” if you’d like to watch it. Like this comment to get it to the top.

  • k e n n i d i
    k e n n i d i 1 settimana fa

    this is abuse

  • Dramatic Eyeball
    Dramatic Eyeball 1 settimana fa

    It is not a prank when the kids are terrifyied.

  • Linear Astr0
    Linear Astr0 1 settimana fa


  • Hello People
    Hello People 2 settimane fa

    The ginger kids, were his x wife’s children, so he targets them. Now they are with their mom who is a lot more loving 🥺😢

  • Chantelle Connell
    Chantelle Connell 8 mesi fa

    The dad: ur gonna lose ur allowances

  • Random. Ness
    Random. Ness 2 settimane fa

    This is horrific. It isn’t “Just a prank bro” it’s abuse.

  • unkown
    unkown 2 giorni fa

    I'm litterally crying this is so sad those are not real parents.

  • Matthew Mead
    Matthew Mead 6 giorni fa

    This is horrible and I glad my my parents didn't act like this ever and I feel so bad the parents should go to hell

  • LotzofGames
    LotzofGames 1 settimana fa

    This is how criminals are made... these kids grow up with scars and they grow up to kill people.

  • Ty Morris
    Ty Morris 1 anno fa

    I wonder how the parents would feel if cody killed himself because of them

  • Grace Parker
    Grace Parker 2 settimane fa

    My parents only swear that much when they drop the frying pan

  • Ella Rose Edits
    Ella Rose Edits 2 settimane fa

    When Cody said “stop blaming me for stuff I didn’t do” make me think that they do this to Cody a lot, it scares me because the parents can easily go into a mode where they can act harsh towards their children which makes me think that the parents do this a lot.

  • Sara Meals
    Sara Meals 1 settimana fa

    This made me cry this is absolutely disgusting he’s literally just a young child his father and his brother should know better people should take the kids away from these terrible parents immediately

  • Eijirou Kirishima
    Eijirou Kirishima 2 settimane fa

    One of my younger brother's has mental problems. He's really a lot like Cody but instead of at home, where he's accused of shit he doesn't actually do, it's school. He's been restrained by teachers, other staff members and students because he lashes out when he's blamed for stuff. My parents are probably the only people who can calm him down. And I feel so bad for him because I can't go to school yet and I can't see him cause he's at school when I'm not. I love him so much and I wish, oh I wish, he could get better and be able to stand up for himself without violence. He's been to anger management classes, has a psychiatrist who he sees every Friday and practically lives in the councellor office.

  • Just Spongbob panting

    Luckily, Cody and his sister are out of their custody so that's good

  • Taniqua Gibbs
    Taniqua Gibbs 1 settimana fa

    The children are so gonna have issues when they are older, this is disgusting

  • Kacper Sudol
    Kacper Sudol 2 settimane fa

    This whole family are bullies they are trying to get cody killed

  • Shelby Larsen
    Shelby Larsen 2 settimane fa

    I cried this whole video.

  • Maia KIRK
    Maia KIRK 5 giorni fa

    They target the two little ones bc they were his ex wife’s kids