The Voice 2016 Blind Auditions: Mike Schiavo - "Talking Body" Scarica

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  • 3 mar 2018

  • The Voice USA S10 NBC


  • shivam chamoli
    shivam chamoli 2 anni fa (modificato)

    why this audition is so underrated :/

  • Siddhartha Paul
    Siddhartha Paul 1 anno fa

    This version is the best.. No comparison with the tove lo version. If u agree hit a like👍

  • helloheleen
    helloheleen 2 anni fa

    still one of my all time favourite auditions3 he deserved to be in there so much longer!!!

  • Kristy Cheung
    Kristy Cheung 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    This was literally the only cover from the voice that I ever downloaded

  • MD9
    MD9 2 anni fa

    If only people can know how hard is it to do what Mike did in

  • funkotaku
    funkotaku 11 mesi fa

    And then Adam ruined his life.

  • Milana Prohorrnko
    Milana Prohorrnko 2 anni fa

    Tove Lo likes you

  • Ana Tsulaia
    Ana Tsulaia 1 anno fa

    One the best auditions

  • Nekoda Arvin
    Nekoda Arvin 2 anni fa

    that transition

  • Anson Yu
    Anson Yu 2 anni fa

    He got knocked out in the first round i think

  • Rianna Reid
    Rianna Reid 2 anni fa

    I have to watch this atleast once a day😍

  • mikeaprice09
    mikeaprice09 2 anni fa

    I only just saw this last night, but I can't believe he barely got anywhere. He's unbelievable.

  • Ahmad _Simatupang
    Ahmad _Simatupang 1 anno fa


  • ChinaTownMemes
    ChinaTownMemes 2 anni fa

    Don’t allow yourself to be marooned😆

  • Muhamad Asharib
    Muhamad Asharib 3 settimane fa (modificato)

    The way he understood all the chords and the strumming pattren in a moment ,thats what I call talent!!!

  • lei
    lei 1 anno fa

    if he picked blake he could've won

  • Bella Grant
    Bella Grant 1 mese fa

    Wow this was a great rendition!!🔥❤️

  • hilmi sn
    hilmi sn 2 anni fa

    There’s no more official from The Voice:(

  • Starr Osborne
    Starr Osborne 1 anno fa

    Adam must’ve been nuts to let this guy go !

  • Abaabee Beauty
    Abaabee Beauty 2 anni fa

    Am a better judge. Just for the fact this guy did not stay longer. Am still pissed