The Used: 801 underground First Song Ever! Scarica

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  • 2 mag 2011

  • The Used. first song ever written


  • FireFennec
    FireFennec 1 settimana fa

    i thought they said that maybe memories was the first song they wrote

  • wildinthestreets101

    Sounds like rancid. Love both bands

  • 5omekindofblue
    5omekindofblue 9 anni fa

    this song is such a classic!

  • gothmoth
    gothmoth 8 anni fa

    holy shit this is a lot better than I thought it'd be!

  • 99yohman
    99yohman 8 anni fa

    yeah 4 curb stomp

  • J. ann
    J. ann 6 anni fa

    Bert mccracken 3

  • TheCheese06z
    TheCheese06z 8 anni fa

    801 is the area code for Utah. trust me i live there and the used are from utah.

  • Matthew Brooks
    Matthew Brooks 8 anni fa

    Maybe memories is the first song written its one of berts old bands

  • Chris Keese
    Chris Keese 5 anni fa

    Rancid - Journey To The End Of The East Bay