The Ten Tenors - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover) Scarica

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  • 10 nov 2016

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  • Penny K
    Penny K 5 mesi fa

    That drummer/percussionist is something else.

    MFR MFR 1 settimana fa

    My favourite song. When I’m called home I have only one request for my family. This song must be apart of my farewell.

  • Patience Hill
    Patience Hill 11 mesi fa

    Just playing this over and over

  • Gilberto Giglio
    Gilberto Giglio 7 mesi fa

    Espetacular , simplesmente fantástico

  • Valda Gillies
    Valda Gillies 4 mesi fa

    Just wondaful these tenors sing beatufully bouught tears to my eyes thku

  • antonio astério gomes de azevedo Asterio

    maravilhosa ...aleluia

  • Alvaro Jr.
    Alvaro Jr. 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    Que maravilha! Eles cantam muito e essa música é lindíssima! Só não entendo ter 2 mil dislikes...Só podem ser surdos ou gente que só gosta de funk...

  • Jose Trevino
    Jose Trevino 2 giorni fa

    Psalm 60

  • Shepherd Bella
    Shepherd Bella 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    I dedicate this to my wonderful handsome amazing husband of almost 52 years who just recently crossed over after suffering with the devilish cancer!!! 😥😭

  • Cara Nishijima
    Cara Nishijima 5 mesi fa

    The best TENORS I have ever heard...They are so inspirational🎈

  • monica gardes
    monica gardes 4 giorni fa

    Belíssima música, incríveis cantores.

  • Judy Mitchell
    Judy Mitchell 9 mesi fa

    I'm speechless that is the most beautifulest words a young girl to think it was just beautiful I don't know any other way to describe the song I just heard

  • Satine Nuit
    Satine Nuit 5 mesi fa

    Ten amazing voices from ten extreme talented men....yet, with all due respect, utterly incomparable with the voice and talent of one Leonard Cohen. I was lucky enough to have attended one of Cohen's concerts and the memory of Hallelujah that was performed there is still enough to bring me to tears. This, in comparison, is....average at best.

  • Gábor Hangai
    Gábor Hangai 1 anno fa

    Sajnos az énekesek egyike sem azonos Leonard Cohen személyével. :Sajnálom: (((((((


    Magnífico, amo essa música.

  • ruth cohen
    ruth cohen 4 mesi fa

    Loved these voices so beautiful and sung with such passion

  • Amanda Rønningen
    Amanda Rønningen 5 mesi fa

    Nydelig sang 🎶 ❤️ ❤️ 🙏🏻☥

  • Diane D
    Diane D 5 mesi fa

    I love these guys! I'm making it my goal to see them in person.

  • Joss Anselme
    Joss Anselme 1 settimana fa

    Magnifique ! sublime ! à écouter ré-écouter !

  • Rosemary Vaughan
    Rosemary Vaughan 9 mesi fa

    I love This too