"The Rains of Castamere" by Ramin Djawadi & Serj Tankian Scarica

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  • 21 mag 2019

  • Serj Adam Tankian performing this Game Of Thrones's theme with ramid Djawadi. Amazing masterpiece!


  • Poeticalll Army
    Poeticalll Army 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I'm the kind of guy who love GoT...... But get here by typing Serj Tankian.

  • GrubbyArmadillo 98
    GrubbyArmadillo 98 1 anno fa

    System of Thrones

  • Read With Jessica
    Read With Jessica 1 anno fa

    Everyone: omg Game Of Thrones!

  • Xenia
    Xenia 1 anno fa

    my god, this is everything!!

  • leilane correia
    leilane correia 1 anno fa

    Thank You! I've been listen it in a looping. Best version ever. I felt like crying🔝

  • Amira M.
    Amira M. 1 anno fa

    Thank you so much for uploading!! Such an underrated version! 😍

  • Joan
    Joan 1 mese fa

    Last minute it looks like a heavy metal singer singing for glory

  • Tarabak tasu
    Tarabak tasu 6 mesi fa

    The best version

  • Abril Gomez
    Abril Gomez 1 anno fa

    Gracias por subirlo, Serj es mi héroe 3

  • trillallegro
    trillallegro 8 mesi fa


  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 1 anno fa

    So f****'n awesome ♡

  • SandmanEnters
    SandmanEnters 1 anno fa

    That fact that this exists is just further proof that things that come out of GRRMs mind are fucking powerful. This song is amazing. Serj is a maestro

  • jonatan flores
    jonatan flores 6 mesi fa


  • Michbert
    Michbert 2 mesi fa

    i would buy this

    AMILA GAYAN 2 settimane fa

    angel of darkness

  • Disney's Frozen
    Disney's Frozen 1 anno fa

    System of a Down

  • The Night King
    The Night King 1 anno fa

    Allow me to preface my next statement by stating that Serj is a vocal god. He truly is. That said, the performance by Matt Berninger (The National) of "Rains of Castamere" was FAR superior.

  • Bad boy
    Bad boy 1 mese fa