THE PRODIGY Official Trailer (2019) Scarica

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  • 3 gen 2019

  • What’s wrong with Miles? From the producer of Exorcism of Emily Rose comes a new vision of unimaginable horror. Watch the full trailer for The Prodigy, starring Taylor Schilling and Jackson Robert Scott, in theaters February 8. #WhatsWrongWithMiles


  • Zachary S. Marsh
    Zachary S. Marsh 1 anno fa

    So, THIS is what happens after you get your arm ripped off and dragged into a sewer by a clown.

  • Sphex
    Sphex 1 anno fa

    film was actually scary af ngl

  • Persona
    Persona 1 anno fa (modificato)

    We just need a Mexican mom with her chancla

  • areebelle
    areebelle 1 anno fa

    This kind of kid needs a brown mom with a slipper who can slap him lol

  • jCarlos BBuzeta
    jCarlos BBuzeta 7 mesi fa

    So is this Bruce Waynes real origin story?

  • Garga Chatterjee
    Garga Chatterjee 1 anno fa

    Pennywise really screwed this kid up.

  • R Anep
    R Anep 1 anno fa

    Just buy him the fortnite skin he wanted god..

  • Audi e-tron
    Audi e-tron 1 anno fa

    You mean the other kids don't like being bashed over the head with a wrench? Kids are so soft these days.

  • Andrew Semple
    Andrew Semple 1 anno fa

    I would kick him so far across the room and run.

  • UltraMegaLegend
    UltraMegaLegend 1 anno fa

    Whats wrong with Miles? Kilometers are just better.

  • Deleted Account
    Deleted Account 1 anno fa

    A perfect guest for the Dr. Phil Show.

  • Adriauna a
    Adriauna a 1 anno fa

    There’s so many movies about kids being evil it’s scary..

  • Ray Stand Up
    Ray Stand Up 1 anno fa

    Let the Asian tiger mom take care of this boy, if he dares to give that kind of stare, the mama will slap him into a chiwawa.

  • YuGo Asap4Ever
    YuGo Asap4Ever 1 anno fa (modificato)

    This kid is a savage,he roasting his mom in hungarian while sleeping

  • Eagle Ashes
    Eagle Ashes 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I wonder why he can’t make friends *says that as he walks with a wrench 😐

  • Dakoda
    Dakoda 1 anno fa

    I watched the movie I'm just going to say it's worth watching.

  • Chinamax Maxchina
    Chinamax Maxchina 1 anno fa

    Guys , i came back here to let everyone knows It was a great movie . Suspenseful, genuinely frightening with goes some unexpected directions. A reincarnation of a worst Serial Killer.! Wow i cant help but i screamed few times ! A Must See

  • Inga D
    Inga D 1 anno fa

    They should've known that child is demonic the second he spoke as a newborn 🙅🏽

  • Chief Amvs
    Chief Amvs 10 mesi fa

    Jus put him in the same house with a black mom and have him slam a door shut 😳

  • Robert Christenson
    Robert Christenson 1 anno fa

    He used his demonic powers to make a spider sound like a tomato when he squished it.