The PG Reviews | Kabir Singh | Pranesh Gautam Scarica

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  • 5 lug 2019

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  • meme NEPAL
    meme NEPAL 1 anno fa

    Thoko thoko thoko thko......SUBSCRIIIIIIIIIBE !!

  • Bishal Gaire Absfo
    Bishal Gaire Absfo 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Indian police with bajirao singham and chulbul pandey is searching Pranesh .

  • LakeSide TV
    LakeSide TV 1 anno fa

    First time I dislike this review video u know why ?

  • Senate Shakya
    Senate Shakya 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Girls:”aww! Herna tyo keta lai. Kasto abusive, kasto drug addict. Yesto abusive ra drug addict keta lai kosai le maya gardaina hola hai!”

  • Kritika parajuli
    Kritika parajuli 1 anno fa

    Google: Mumbai police wants to know your location 😂😂

  • Amin Babu
    Amin Babu 1 anno fa

    Review was so Booring,

  • Diya Prajapati
    Diya Prajapati 1 anno fa

    How to detect if they are typical Nepali ?

  • kazzuki san
    kazzuki san 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Successfully wasted my 2 min,After that i couldn't watch it , Torture video of the year award goes to .............

  • Sreejana Sharma
    Sreejana Sharma 1 anno fa

    As an Indian Nepali, I don’t know if I should be laughing or sympathising 🤒😅😅😅

  • Michael Dahal
    Michael Dahal 1 anno fa

    माकुरी lastai hasayooo 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • aayush maskey
    aayush maskey 1 anno fa

    Others: film

  • YouHaveme
    YouHaveme 1 anno fa

    Do nepalese movie reaction 🔥😂

  • Pradeep Dahal
    Pradeep Dahal 1 anno fa


  • Steve Stifler
    Steve Stifler 1 anno fa

    That bishal gautam acting mardium was lit 😂

  • rupak regmi
    rupak regmi 1 anno fa

    I heard Sherlock Holmes when he first saud SALMOM KHON 😂

  • Raunak Shrestha
    Raunak Shrestha 1 anno fa

    chha chha chha mero like, comment, subscribe chha :"D

  • Sanjiv Sunuwar
    Sanjiv Sunuwar 1 anno fa

    Why he is pronouncing "O" For every actor's name😂🤣

  • Sweet Bin
    Sweet Bin 1 anno fa

    And nepali boys: aba mah pani wild jaddya banxu 😂❤

  • nivss
    nivss 1 anno fa


  • Sunita Tamang
    Sunita Tamang 1 anno fa

    I guess you are confused with the title since, there is more review of Tere naam rather than Kabir Singh.