The Magnus effect: a curved ball explained: from Scarica

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  • 8 ott 2014

  • A spinning curved ball, caused by the Magnus effect is loved and hated by players of all ball games. Top spin makes the ball dip and side spin makes it curve or swing. The video provides examples and an explanation of the cause of the Magnus effect. Related videos Bernoulli sometimes sucks and The Coanda Effect Notes and many more video lessons available here


  • Vladimir Hatter
    Vladimir Hatter 5 anni fa

    The last experiment is excellent!

    REQUIEM 3 anni fa

    I would love the ball to break the window at the beginning 😂

  • Not So Greedy
    Not So Greedy 3 mesi fa

    now, we need a plane with rollers that spin very fast :P

  • C TheeZee
    C TheeZee 4 anni fa

    tnx for that vid it was fun

  • Miga Olivier
    Miga Olivier 1 settimana fa

    Thank you for the explanations. I would love to know would happen if the experiment is redone either with a more heavier(say metal) tube or done in vacuum.

  • someblokecalleddave1

    I've been racking my brains trying to get how this works in relation to drift in cricket. I think I have at last. Most of these diagrams relate to the ball spinning and moving along a horizontal plane. Whereas the effect is most prominent in cricket as the ball starts to drop, so this theory also relates to the ball spinning and dropping?


    Brilliant explanation! Thank you, ser!!

  • Fizzics Organisation

    In reply to Prateek. Hi yes, all of what you say is correct. There are many variables here including the nature of the surface of the ball. As you say the force is not perpendicular so a ball so it is likely to be slowed or speeded up depending on the point on the ball where the laminar flow fails, although I think (but I've never tested it) that the change in the translational kinetic energy and hence the speed (as opposed to velocity) only changes a little.

  • Mr Seppo
    Mr Seppo 3 anni fa

    hahaha, he didnt explain it easy, he made it harder to understand

  • revofevX
    revofevX 4 anni fa

    Mate, I do believe the magnus effect is due to air currents rolling off of the surface and newton's third law creating thrust in the opposite direction/angle of the most substantial air current / surface interaction.

  • markynio
    markynio 2 anni fa (modificato)

    Nice explanation but the thing i loved the most was your super-great voice accent :D

  • Drxppy J4L
    Drxppy J4L 6 mesi fa

    This also happens in the NBA

  • manmachine30
    manmachine30 5 anni fa

    Great teaching!

  • RunnerRunner
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  • Dean Gulston
    Dean Gulston 2 settimane fa

    Very good explanation! Very easy to understand. I really liked that last experiment with the cylinder. Such a cool effect!

  • Sonia Castro
    Sonia Castro 1 mese fa

    Hello! I am a big fan of your channel. I lost the link of the experiment in which you make noticeable the motion of a wall by using a laser reflected in a cd. Is it possible to get the link again?

  • Seenivasan Krishnan

    Hey roger,, just wanted to know if the ball iin the diagram is undergoing topspin or backspin?

  • Sharda Alawa
    Sharda Alawa 2 anni fa

    thank-you sir you explain very practically I see a Indian video who tell only about theory and boring formula they don't actually know real science

  • Michael Artichoke
    Michael Artichoke 1 settimana fa

    Great video. Pleasant British accent, and succinct explanations-- what more can you want from a man?

  • Asma Arshad
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