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  • 26 lug 2018

  • Over 40,000 students are experiencing homelessness in Washington State - in King County, nearly half are in grade 5 or lower. Nichelle Page is a Tukwila Schools Homeless Liaison, and works every day to help these students in need. On August 8th and 10th, Pearl Jam will play The Home Shows, two concerts at Safeco Field with one goal: banding together to fight homelessness. As part of The Home Shows Initiative, over $10 million has been committed from a growing list of businesses, individuals, government agencies, and foundations who are fighting homelessness in King County. But money is only a part of the solution. Join us - take action and learn more about this crisis. Filmmaker: The Home Shows | Banding together to fight homelessness SUBSCRIBE: LIKE on Facebook: FOLLOW on Twitter: FOLLOW on Instagram: FOLLOW on Tumblr: Subscribe to Pearl Jam's YouTube channel for access to live performances, exclusive footage, and more!


  • luna motta
    luna motta 2 anni fa

    I love this group for this too,they want to change the shit that the world is and I support it. Thank you Pearl Jam. Always by the good side

  • Diana Castillo
    Diana Castillo 2 anni fa

    Pearl Jam is the best band of the world, forever and ever! ❤

  • Chris E
    Chris E 2 anni fa

    Appreciate Pearl Jam using their platform for a good cause

  • Jairo A.H.
    Jairo A.H. 2 anni fa

    Well done. One of the highest purposes of living is giving back.

  • sadie garcia
    sadie garcia 2 anni fa (modificato)

    I'm impressed to see the very kind gesture in how Pearl Jam is devoting their time to help the people, by helping them get through this tough time of need.

  • Ragnar Ironspear
    Ragnar Ironspear 2 anni fa

    Keep up the good work Pearl Jam we need to protect our children 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • Dena Meneades
    Dena Meneades 2 anni fa

    We love you Pearl Jam!!!!

  • Pablo Santos
    Pablo Santos 2 anni fa


  • Elif
    Elif 2 anni fa

    These guys are the Best!

  • Dillavedder X
    Dillavedder X 2 anni fa

    You Ma'am are EVERYTHING! Your heart is full and you are a BEAUTIFUL Human Being, inside and out!!!! Thank you for caring and thank you for being YOU!

  • LesPeterGuitarJam
    LesPeterGuitarJam 2 anni fa

    any chance that PEARL JAM anytime soon gonna fly over the pond and visit Denmark etc??

  • TanjiroKamadoKNY
    TanjiroKamadoKNY 2 anni fa

    Pearl Jam is amazing, it’s not just a band, not just a grunge band. They are beautiful people inside and outside.

  • Alisson Cristovao Da Cruz

    I love you Pearl Jam, fotever. ...

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 2 anni fa

    Pearl jam is so anti white. ITS OK TO BE WHITE!