The Git Up Challenge Dance Scarica

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  • 10 giu 2019

  • My dancers challenged me to do THE GIT UP! So HERE I AM! Ha! Enjoy. Support my channel by buying some merch! Find me on TikTok - @ShanayaColvin Instagram - @fitdancer_freak93 Facebook - @ShanayaColvin Snapchat -


  • Taylor Fritz
    Taylor Fritz 1 anno fa

    Looks like me stumbling into the garage after a night throwin horseshoes 😂

  • 1993kawasaki
    1993kawasaki 1 anno fa

    as Joe Dirt would say... DANG!!

  • Ally B
    Ally B 1 anno fa

    Bro. That two step though. My ankle would def not handle that right.

  • Familyfirst Stephenson
    Familyfirst Stephenson 1 anno fa (modificato)

    She is a FREAKING CUTIEEEEEE! She was just relax as ever.. good job lil momma!!

  • scott Edgmand
    scott Edgmand 3 settimane fa

    the one and only person who really knows all the steps how to move to them and most important she knows how to make it sexy well done

  • TheDmoney315
    TheDmoney315 1 anno fa

    She’s so good, she gots moves! Nicely done 🤩🔥

    MAPLE SYRUP 1 anno fa

    I like how she does it so casually and smooth. Like she's not trying so hard 😁😂. Beautiful.

  • Helen Shafer
    Helen Shafer 1 anno fa

    You are beautiful and your dance has got to be the only one I've saw where the dancing is right! You did amazing with this. Definitely liking and subscribing!

  • Chelsey Lee
    Chelsey Lee 1 anno fa

    She's beautiful and she got the skills I love it!

  • Nikki X
    Nikki X 11 mesi fa

    The git up challenge - impressive when you can do it, even more impressive when you can make it look easy and relaxed!

  • Robert Ogilvie
    Robert Ogilvie 1 anno fa

    Absolutely stunning, beautiful smile and you can dance!! Love from U.K ✌️x

  • xIVIarco
    xIVIarco 1 anno fa

    Damn, can't stop watching this. SO GOOD!

  • 9 mesi fa

    That may have been the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  • pocketpoolboy
    pocketpoolboy 9 mesi fa

    My wife caught me watching this😭

  • BamaTitan
    BamaTitan 1 anno fa

    Not sure why but I can't stop watching this. Well maybe because she's gorgeous

  • W L
    W L 1 anno fa

    That smile and those awesome moves makes me wanna Git up right now. #1😍

  • tyamime1
    tyamime1 10 mesi fa

    This song, this girl and this video have cured my depression..I watch it often

  • Brenda Trump
    Brenda Trump 7 mesi fa

    I'm very impressed; good job young lady!!

  • Ariel Collins
    Ariel Collins 1 anno fa

    Aw I love this, you’re so cute!! Kill it!

  • 天兵好
    天兵好 1 anno fa

    dancing while drinking what a happy life