The Future of Medicine Scarica

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  • 6 nov 2018

  • A brief look at how Harvard's networked life-science community -- working across labs, industry and academia -- is advancing discovery and working toward improving care delivery.


  • Pulco AAH
    Pulco AAH 1 anno fa

    2019 and still NO CURE for cancer, baldness, eczema and myopia.

  • Fango
    Fango 2 mesi fa (modificato)

    I hope we find a cure for cancer and dementia😔

  • Jewelry Bag
    Jewelry Bag 1 anno fa

    638 views only? and gangam style gets more than a billion views? WTF is wrong with humanity????

  • Guy Austin
    Guy Austin 1 anno fa

    Harvard - it is just not smart to upload a bunch of videos all at once, especially around election day when everyone is busy and doing something else

  • George L.
    George L. 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I hope crispr vanish illnesses and provide us with a happier life.

  • julle huu
    julle huu 4 mesi fa

    modern medicine dosent heal permanently almost nothing but make shit that people haveto be dependent of

  • Harry Li
    Harry Li 6 mesi fa

    Who know a video in which a woman stated the history of medical industry developed against herbal medicine development in past decades in USA? I viewed before but I lost it. Thanks

  • Sketchy Jerry
    Sketchy Jerry 1 anno fa

    Best for presentation

  • Kateydid18
    Kateydid18 6 mesi fa

    This promotes eugenics

  • dark side
    dark side 2 mesi fa

    Make humans immortal ❤



  • sachin mali
    sachin mali 11 mesi fa

    Hello I'm from India I have ankylosisng spondylisis from last 10 year and it's really really painfull please please find the cure for it I'm begging you please there are lot of people around the world who have this dieses please save us please😔

  • Cyclops Rador
    Cyclops Rador 1 anno fa

    Loved this video

  • anonymous x negation

    What about corona

  • charles kidney
    charles kidney 6 mesi fa

    Sounds very hopeful till you get you get sick. Then you realized how limited medicine is.

  • Dharmvir
    Dharmvir 1 anno fa

    They first create health problems and then cure it and take a bunch of money from us .but prevention is better than cure , if your teach people what can cause illness then there money time and danger on their lives can be saved.

  • Sketchy Jerry
    Sketchy Jerry 1 anno fa

    Also I hate ila jk

  • Alto's Music Lab
    Alto's Music Lab 1 anno fa

    I prefer wikipedia to a doctor; the wiki is always up to date.... doctors are always out of date... always....