The Diamonds "Little Darlin'" Scarica

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  • 15 dic 2012

  • Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show. February 21, 1959. One of the best novelty records of the 50's. Re-post of an earlier upload.


  • carlos aranda motos y motores

    que buen show espectacular saludos desde argentina

  • LearnAmericanEnglishOnline

    Growing up in the 70s I loved 50s music. Still do.

  • Todd bob
    Todd bob 2 mesi fa

    These people had no idea how lucky they were to live in this Era.

  • Marshall Sharifan
    Marshall Sharifan 1 anno fa

    People were normal, they had respect, and music was fun.

  • Darlene Ferree
    Darlene Ferree 5 anni fa

    no long stringy hair, no tattoos, no ripped up clothes, no loud music - handsome, clean cut & can understand what they r singing...boy, that was the good old days!

  • ric 63
    ric 63 2 anni fa

    Great song, it really was a more innocent and BETTER time, even without the technological monstrosity we have today.

  • XaurreauX
    XaurreauX 4 anni fa

    I saw that show! I was 8 years old.

  • Michael Mika
    Michael Mika 2 anni fa

    I was born in '43. This is the BEST music. Those were the best of times. AM radio in my '55 Chevy blasting. Love it....

  • scdevon
    scdevon 4 anni fa

    People used to act dignified on TV even when they were cutting up and having fun.

  • Sons of the South
    Sons of the South 2 anni fa

    Back when men still dressed like MEN..

  • Raven E
    Raven E 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    That’s real talent and such handsome gentlemen all dressed up in their suits. And Dick Clark is so young here; Ryan Seacrest can’t even shine this man’s shoes.

  • Chad Andersen
    Chad Andersen 4 anni fa

    I was born 29 years after this was released but I love this era of music.

  • wren spence
    wren spence 3 mesi fa

    This song epitomizes the 50's sound, and this Canadian quartet made millions of people happy with this bouncy offering. Great music from a great era.

  • Theresa Chiorazzi
    Theresa Chiorazzi 5 mesi fa

    wow. Are they good we had good groups back in the fifties long live the oldies

  • telael wasisang
    telael wasisang 1 anno fa

    When there were still gentlemens around

  • inga robinson
    inga robinson 2 anni fa

    I enjoy all the oldies so much , because today' music is nothing but noise and this young generation has no song to remember !

  • USRoute66Kingman
    USRoute66Kingman 5 anni fa

    RIP - Dave Somerville - original lead singer of The Diamonds (1933 - 2015)

  • krobigraubart
    krobigraubart 5 anni fa

    David Somerville (The Diamonds) died of cancer in Santa Barbara, California on July 14, 2015 at the age of 81.

  • meandog061980
    meandog061980 1 anno fa

    Born in 80. My daddy was born in 46. I grew up on this stuff. It stuck with me.

  • Nancy
    Nancy 2 mesi fa

    I smiled all the way thru this. The 60s were my growing years, with 7 older siblings I was raised on everything from doo wop to standards, show tunes to the stones. I still love doo wop to this day.