The Chemical Brothers - Live Behind The Scenes: "Go" Scarica

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  • 21 mar 2017

  • "Go" behind the scenes of the making of the sense shattering live show! Get "Born In The Echoes": #BornInTheEchoes Born In The Echoes features the legendary Q-Tip (Go), St. Vincent (Under Neon Lights), Ali Love (EML Ritual), Cate Le Bon (Born In The Echoes) and Beck (Wide Open). Get the glorious deluxe edition on iTunes now: Get vinyl & special merchandise bundles at our official shop: Praise for Born In The Echoes: "‘Born In The Echoes’ is a bold reinvention of the Chemical Brothers’ sound, pushing the late-period renaissance that 'Further' heralded to somewhere dark and twisted.” - NME "Born In The Echoes piles back into their trademark collision of motorik electronics and report-to-the-dancefloor beats with a vulnerable, dislocated humanity. There are bangers aplenty - “ - MOJO “Enormous festival fillers and hard-nosed club bangers rub up against wondrously bizarre studio experiments and some of the best pure pop songs Rowlands and Simons have ever made.” - Pitchfork "Despite its title, this is no faint echo of past glories. It’s a resounding eclat of new-found enthusiasm and creative ingenuity. Indispensable.” - The Saturday Paper "Born in the Echoes is gloriously disorienting, restoring a woozy mania to a genre in danger of self-combusting in search of ever more euphoric pop highs." - The Telegraph "Born in the Echoes is an iron-clad musical statement from one of dance music’s most enduring exports. Today’s EDM poster children can have the limelight, but they can only hope to sound this relevant and current 20 years down the road.” - Consequence Of Sound Born In the Echoes 1. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted 2. Go (featuring Q-Tip) 3. Under Neon Lights (featuring St. Vincent) 4. EML Ritual (featuring Ali Love) 5. I’ll See You There 6. Just Bang 7. Reflexion 8. Taste Of Honey 9. Born In The Echoes (featuring Cate Le Bon) 10. Radiate 11. Wide Open (featuring Beck) CD & Digital Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks 12. Let Us Build A City 13. Wo Ha 14. Go (Extended Mix) 15. Reflexion (Extended Mix)