The best 🇪🇺 travel card for 2019? Comparing N26, Revolut, bunq, Curve, Monese, TransferWise & more Scarica

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  • 5 mar 2019

  • I compare 10 Debit Cards available in Europe by asking 10 Questions - which one should you put in your pocket the next time you travel? Sign-up Links: Revolut: (you get free delivery, normally €6) N26: bunq: Monese: Curve: / Promo code: VD6ZLJMD (we both get ~€5/£5) SAS Travel Wallet: TransferWise: Denizen: iCard: Neat: Information Sources on my blog: (note the video was correct as of March 2019 - use the links I give on my blog to check the up to date status of each card's offering) The 10 Questions: Easiest to Acquire: 0:48 Easiest to Load Up: 1:40 Best Foreign Exchange Rate 3:21 Best for ATM Withdrawls: 6:43 Best for Exchanging Money with Friends: 8:37 Best for Insurance: 11:26 Best for Analytics: 14:31 Best for Cashback / Offers: 17:51 Best if you lose your Phone / Card: 19:43 Best for Travelling in Style: 21:50 Individual Card reviews playlist: Royalty Free music from #DebitCard #UserReview #DigitalNomad


  • Tyler Pagz
    Tyler Pagz 1 anno fa

    Amazing job! I’m using Revolut for over a year now and I’m really happy with it☺️

  • Patrick Bryan
    Patrick Bryan 1 anno fa

    A lot of research gone into this. Really great review. Thanks Darragh.

  • bunq
    bunq 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Hi Darragh,

  • havel the cock
    havel the cock 1 anno fa

    "Have you seen this man?" Is getting into my youtube feed

  • Serge NG
    Serge NG 11 mesi fa (modificato)

    truly the best neobank review so far!

  • Braska Yevon
    Braska Yevon 6 mesi fa

    Are you planning on making a video like this for 2020?

  • Bastiaan Steinmeier
    Bastiaan Steinmeier 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Good video!

  • Flo Dahm
    Flo Dahm 10 mesi fa

    N26 black: never got any lounge access in Europe, Middle East or Asia. Also lack of integrated swift makes it a pain for international banking.

  • Alexandre Popescu
    Alexandre Popescu 1 anno fa

    Great video, thx.

  • Max Jaks
    Max Jaks 1 anno fa

    Fair for sure. Good approach. Thanks for the data.

  • Gessica Gama
    Gessica Gama 1 anno fa

    Use meu codigo monese: code:

  • Peter Dixon
    Peter Dixon 1 anno fa

    extremely helpful thorough review, thank you.

  • SAM HO
    SAM HO 9 mesi fa

    Thank you for this great video, very helpful. I can see there has been lots of time put into doing this video, well done, it helped me choose one.

  • Jekkuverner
    Jekkuverner 1 anno fa

    In Hong Kong and China, you can deposit HKD or RMB to the Neat card via a Bank of China ATM.

  • Lklp19645 vai00
    Lklp19645 vai00 1 anno fa


  • Nile Brothers
    Nile Brothers 1 anno fa

    Thanks a lot for your research and awesome review! Will for sure use your affiliate link when I get my card.

  • Arturs Sinelnikovs
    Arturs Sinelnikovs 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Thanks for this video. Lots of great content! so lets say I wanted to go to Canada or US to play poker and needed to withdraw 10k in cash, which card should I get?

  • Lorena Ortega
    Lorena Ortega 1 anno fa

    Very good video! Thank you very much.

  • Jonathan Ferreira Soares

    Amazing review. Thank you very much!

  • Charlles Costa
    Charlles Costa 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Great video mate!!! Which of those did like most? I am looking for an alternative bank with most services traditional banks have.