The Beach Boys-Don't Worry Baby Scarica

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  • 7 feb 2009

  • The Beach Boys singing Don't Worry Baby released on May 11th, 1964


  • Gilson Vieira Fernandes

    This is my dad's youtube account. he passed away last week and this song was the last thing he listened to 3 goodbye dad, I will miss you so much. Nice song.

  • Wiliam Morgan
    Wiliam Morgan 8 mesi fa

    Who's jamming to this in 2020?

  • Cherry
    Cherry 4 mesi fa

    Quarantine really got me listening to stuff I haven’t thought about in years

  • Gigi44
    Gigi44 2 anni fa

    Santa Ana, California, 1975. A refugee boy from Vietnam. I didn't understand the words but it was like listening to the voices of angles, compared to the sounds of guns and bombs and helicopters when I escaped to this wonderful country in 1975.

  • Glowgirl
    Glowgirl 6 mesi fa (modificato)

    I'm 68 and Covid-19 brought me here so I can drift off to my favorite Beach Boys song.

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis 1 anno fa

    I am 66 now and been listening to this great band for over 50 years !!!!!

  • Dale Rebe
    Dale Rebe 2 anni fa

    I wish I could spend at least one day as a teenager in early 1960s Southern California.

  • Holymakinaw
    Holymakinaw 6 mesi fa

    This song is important right now.

  • Ashley Salazar
    Ashley Salazar 6 mesi fa

    This was my dad's favorite beach boy song....he passed away three years ago and Everytime I feel sad or worried I remember this song play it and its like its my dad telling me to not worry baby.

  • Michael Dion
    Michael Dion 2 mesi fa

    One of the most gorgeous melodies in all of pop music.

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith 2 anni fa

    Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Al Jardine: the best thing to ever come out of California.

  • Raiha Poutu
    Raiha Poutu 5 mesi fa

    This song gives me a lot of heart ache. Probably because I've never experienced a love like that before, I want it.

  • Andre Wright
    Andre Wright 1 anno fa

    De Ja Vu with Denzel Washington brought me here 🙏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

  • LTVN1968
    LTVN1968 11 mesi fa

    Cripticdarl comment below “Falling in love in the 60s must have been great”. It was.......until the orders came for Vietnam. I went. My girlfriend went to UC Boulder. But the question was who would wait for a year. She didn’t. She in fact fell in love with a wealthy guy who bought his way into the National Guard to avoid Vietnam. So the coward avoided service and got the girl.

  • thomas Gokey
    thomas Gokey 2 mesi fa

    I remember when I was a kid ,I heard this song ,and everything became clear to me,I wanted to be a surfer the rest of my life ! 🌊🏄😃✌️🤙

  • Unapologetically Miya

    So soothing to listen to. I picture myself on a beach, clear water 💙

  • bwanna23
    bwanna23 8 mesi fa

    One of the most beautiful love songs ever written.

    PATRICIA CANALE 2 settimane fa

    Just finished rewatching “never been kissed “ and this song plays at the end and it makes me tear up EVERYTIME! What a classic! So beautiful

  • voicegirl555
    voicegirl555 3 mesi fa

    Happy 78th Birthday Brian. This song so reminds me of summer and since this is the first day of summer I could not think of a better song to play then this one. I really like it too!

  • Jocelyn Ruiz
    Jocelyn Ruiz 9 mesi fa

    I prefer this type of music than the current 🤷🏻‍♀️