Skyfall Trivia: James Bond house location, Scotland Scarica

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  • 19 ago 2014

  • A cool James Bond fact about the location in Scotland where some of Skyfall was filmed, and it's relation to Ian Fleming! Presented by John E Fry John is a cameraman & Steadicam Operator working in film, TV and high level corporate video based in the UK, and works worldwide. Call him on 07720 652509 or visit http://www.steadicamoperatorjohnfry.c... Filmed on a Nikon D800 & edited on FCPX


  • Scottish Suzuki
    Scottish Suzuki 2 anni fa

    Dalness estate in Glen Etive

  • Tim Boxer
    Tim Boxer 3 anni fa

    I like the skyfall house

  • Erik X
    Erik X 1 anno fa

    Really cool! And cool job on this clip, it was a bit shorter than i expected :)

  • Charlton Bolden
    Charlton Bolden 1 anno fa

    I wish I could own it one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig Harkins
    Craig Harkins 4 anni fa


  • Gary Gough
    Gary Gough 1 anno fa

    Interesting fact. Thanks

  • andrewwwessel
    andrewwwessel 3 anni fa

    This place must be perfect for meditating and for contacting aliens !

  • choppsy boy
    choppsy boy 2 anni fa

    Was there today

  • Zack
    Zack 2 anni fa

    The house is actually in hankley common Surrey, i live right next to it and went up every day to watch the house being built, i go snowboarding down the hill he drove down too, there is no lake or mountains that’s cgi but its a really nice area

  • Roman Markovski
    Roman Markovski 2 anni fa

    Actually.. that's really cool :). Visiting the area in October, will surely go to Glen Etive and try to find the house. Do you by any chance have the coordinates or google maps link to the location?