Second Oldest Trick in Sleight of Hand Scarica

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  • 7 ago 2013

  • Susie Films is proud to present Charlotte magician/comedian Chris Hannibal performing the second oldest trick in sleight of hand.


  • Hair Jordan
    Hair Jordan 2 mesi fa

    This dude is funny, like actual humor holy shit

  • stocchinet
    stocchinet 1 mese fa

    He's not really fat, he hides all those balls under his clothes

    CHARLIE RA JR. 1 mese fa

    I feel like the audience didn’t understand the gold they were getting.

  • Peter Carcione
    Peter Carcione 3 settimane fa

    Very well done. No matter how many times you seen this, it is always a treat to see it done well. Big smiles.

  • Dd_Lulo 004
    Dd_Lulo 004 4 settimane fa

    "how mamy people saw me put the orange into the cup?"

  • Steve James
    Steve James 2 mesi fa

    This is pretty academic stuff, considering I have an ex-wife that made my entire house disappear.

  • Flame
    Flame 1 mese fa

    As a magician I can tell you that the one thing I can't explain how he did is the trick at

  • Thoreaux
    Thoreaux 3 settimane fa

    Anytime the audience didn't clap when something impressive happened, I'm pretty sure they were like me, just staring at the cups, the table, his hands, trying to make some sense of anything that was happening.

  • nevaR kraD
    nevaR kraD 1 mese fa

    A comedian and a magician. Most magicians throw in a little comedy, but this guy masters is well.

  • Benj Williams
    Benj Williams 3 settimane fa

    VERY impresssive. The "they're identical, especially this one" joke in an of itself would have been enough comedy for the show, but the whole thing peppered with great gags and really impressive feats of stage magic. Well done, Chris Hannibal!!

  • Gaming Weirdo
    Gaming Weirdo 1 mese fa

    Dude put all his points in charisma and dexterity

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I'm more impressed with his witty commentary

  • LessTHEKING001
    LessTHEKING001 3 settimane fa

    I don't want to be that one guy saying magic doesn't exist, but the cups are paid actors.

  • Alternate ACCOUNT
    Alternate ACCOUNT 1 mese fa

    The audience isn't applauding because they're shook and need a few seconds to realize what just happend.

  • Nimue
    Nimue 1 mese fa

    This guy does the comedian/magician act flawlessly. Very impressive. Doesn’t stumble on his words or get uncomfortably awkward when the crowd doesn’t react. I think they were quiet mostly because they had no idea how everything was happening. I would have been silent trying to figure out how he did all that stuff to

  • NinjaLifestyle
    NinjaLifestyle 1 mese fa

    Great entertainer!

  • FoolsGold22
    FoolsGold22 3 settimane fa

    Maybe I’m just stupid but that lemon was deceptively orange

  • Dana Mark
    Dana Mark 3 settimane fa

    I went to high school with him. haven't seen him since HS. Good going Chris.

  • BedsheetRequis
    BedsheetRequis 4 settimane fa

    This was recommended 7 years later... Youtube is truly a special thing.

  • Goncalo Silva
    Goncalo Silva 1 mese fa

    Who’d thought George RR Martin had such skills