Roycraft Packframe, Shadow Stick, Char cloth, Travois, Pacing beads - 12 Week Bushcraft Challenge Scarica

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  • 5 gen 2019

  • In this week's bushcraft challenge, participants must prepare to leave camp. We must build a Roycraft (also know as Roycroft)packframe, a travois, a set of pacing beads or ranger beads. We must also find the North's direction using the shadow stick method. In addition, we must carry our fire with charred cloth. This involves making the charcloth and demonstrating it's ignition with a spark. Thanks for watching and thank you to Dwayne Unger for running this challenge for us. Videos from week 1 to 10 are all available on my channel in this playlist :


  • Tall Cedars
    Tall Cedars 1 anno fa

    Good job, you are learning some great skills there. Will check out your playlist.

  • BushCraftBums
    BushCraftBums 1 anno fa

    Awesome video! Thanks so much for sharing and have a blessed day!

  • K-Wood adventures Alaska and more

    That pack frame was nice. Great job

  • Linda Willis
    Linda Willis 1 anno fa

    Good job! Very interesting!

  • Nature Boréale
    Nature Boréale 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Super bonne vidéo! Très bien expliquée, comme tu as l'habitude de le faire. Très intéressant. Félicitations!

  • mushercdn
    mushercdn 1 anno fa

    Me thinks you were wearing your new Xmas jammers in the first part of the video! The shadow stick was interesting but I took note os Teachers SBD"s comment. Very cool flint demo and the tin you use to tote your kit is really neat. What was it from? Thanks for the video.

  • Parker Geurin
    Parker Geurin 1 anno fa

    Nice video! What did you use for your charred material?

  • 1 anno fa

    Great video man. Have an awesome Sunday, Andreas 🇸🇪

  • abe frohman
    abe frohman 1 anno fa

    Cool stuff 👍

  • Freecamp Caywood Alaska

    Another nice video. Thanks

  • Teacher SBD
    Teacher SBD 1 anno fa

    Very interesting challenge indeed, and you are performing very well for each task. I love the idea of the pacing beads, absolutely new to me but I know I will use the system for sure. About the shadow stick, although it is a method we can see in every surviving guide, it only works around

  • phyllis mulkey
    phyllis mulkey 1 anno fa

    great job