Robert Whittaker: Israel Adesanya Loss "Lit a Fire In Me", Talks UFC 244, Gastelum vs. Till Scarica

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  • 24 ott 2019

  • Robert Whittaker returns to Submission Radio to reflect on his UFC 243 loss to Israel Adesanya, what went wrong in the fight and what he would do differently, how it feels now not to be champion anymore and if there's a relief with that, how this loss has lit a fire under him, his mental health moving forward, when he'd like to return to action, Israel Adesanya vs. Paulo Costa, Kelvin Gastelum vs. Darren Till at UFC 244, Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz for the BMF Belt, his speaking tour around Australia and more! Sign Up for your Free Trail of ESPN+ The New Home Of UFC OFFICIAL T-SHIRTS & APPAREL: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: Submission Radio is Now Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune In and Soundcloud! TWITTER: FACEBOOK:


  • greckot
    greckot 11 mesi fa

    Those deathnote questions had Rob shifting in his seat

  • Adam Glasgow
    Adam Glasgow 11 mesi fa

    Whittaker is the man

  • AUSS13KA0S
    AUSS13KA0S 11 mesi fa

    Everyone loses.

  • Albert Cavazos
    Albert Cavazos 11 mesi fa

    “Pulled out my Super Nintendo and played Super Smash Brothers.” Please stop

  • Daniel
    Daniel 11 mesi fa

    Death note question

  • paisleymc2
    paisleymc2 11 mesi fa


  • TheBack40
    TheBack40 11 mesi fa

    Love ya, Rob. Glad to see you're in good spirits. You're my favorite fighter. Good role model and good man.

  • Shaunpl23
    Shaunpl23 11 mesi fa

    Rob.... You are a genuine Aussie champion 🙏❤

  • SuperSpurs112
    SuperSpurs112 11 mesi fa

    They did Rob so dirty with the deathnote question LMAO

  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay 11 mesi fa

    You guys gotta get Tony Ferguson on this!!

  • B A
    B A 11 mesi fa

    I love both guys it was sad to see one of these warriors lose but Izzy deserves everything he has

  • Josiel Lara
    Josiel Lara 11 mesi fa

    Hope he bounces back 💯🤙

  • Chris Briggs
    Chris Briggs 11 mesi fa

    I love your guys work....... but I can't believe you asked Rob about the 'death note' and asked him to give Izzy advice as a champ. That was kind of tasteless and not funny at all. Don't expect Rob to be in a hurry to come back on your show...

  • Info Tech
    Info Tech 11 mesi fa

    Denis/Kacper great lads but mate some of those Izzy questions weren't fair for a nice guy like Rob... Other than that keep up the good work on Submission Radio!

  • Liam Aurelio Obbiettivo

    Robs walkout was iconic. Khe Sahn hell yeah

  • nuze
    nuze 11 mesi fa

    Good to see you back in normal form kacper, there was a recent interview (I think) where you were awfully quiet and it was a little concerning

  • 3four 4door
    3four 4door 11 mesi fa

    When's elderscrolls 6 going to be finished Rob?

  • Nakia B
    Nakia B 11 mesi fa

    Former interim champion. 😂

  • John JDNB
    John JDNB 11 mesi fa

    Great dude!

  • Vishal Parihar
    Vishal Parihar 11 mesi fa

    That's right Ole focus on doing interviews .