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  • 24 gen 2020

  • Check out what other Mini Cooper owners are running in our gallery and add your ride! Welcome to episode 7 of Driver To Driver! In this episode, Dakota sits down with Mini Cooper owner Charlie to discuss the pros and cons of owning one of these cereal box cars. Is the car a problem child or is it a car slept on by other enthusiasts? Now is your chance to find out! What other types of car owners should we interview? Sound off below! Pick up a T-Shirt and get entered to win a set of Kansei Wheels! Want to see the wheel between Charlie & Dakota? Check out the Cosmis Racing XT005R Here! JOIN THE FITMENT INDUSTRIES STREET TEAM! Upload pictures of your car to our gallery: Subscribe here► Fitment Industries Garage: Browse our HUGE wheel selection!: Driver to Driver is a series dedicated to journaling the experiences of the drivers owning specific vehicles. From owning cars such as the Scion FRS, Mitsubishi EVO, Toyota Supra, and many more, there's something in here from every automotive enthusiast. Sit back and laugh along as Dakota as he pokes fun at the drivers while maintaining useful knowledge when owning these cars. Additional Footage: @endless visuals #mini #minicooper #cooperS


  • Mark N
    Mark N 10 mesi fa


  • A D
    A D 10 mesi fa

    I know this channel is supposed to be about wheels and tires but this is the best series from FI

  • Zachary Ramirez
    Zachary Ramirez 10 mesi fa

    I came to get my feelings hurt

  • Sean Linehan
    Sean Linehan 10 mesi fa

    When drunk history meets the car culture...... Maybe don't drive yourself home?

  • SR is a lie
    SR is a lie 10 mesi fa

    Bruh, dude just slap a frickin anime character cuz of a german weeb lmao.

  • Roxas
    Roxas 10 mesi fa

    “This car could be fun, but who cares?” 😂

  • MopedJaxxon007
    MopedJaxxon007 10 mesi fa

    Questions so intense that they changed Charlie's hat

  • Toung blood
    Toung blood 10 mesi fa

    He talks like that when drinking off the Tito's bottle next to Charlie. 😆

  • palindinX
    palindinX 10 mesi fa

    The car community in a nutshell:

  • Clearview
    Clearview 10 mesi fa

    Driver To Driver interview with IS300 owner. Love your show!

  • Michael
    Michael 10 mesi fa

    By far my favorite intro yet.

  • Rodney Perez Fuentes

    Who else wants Puff Daddy Dakota to do a driver to driver to himself? Leave a like if you want this done.

  • Eyziak Cottle
    Eyziak Cottle 10 mesi fa

    Bro I love my mini Cooper s R53 gang let's gooooo

  • Ashley C.
    Ashley C. 10 mesi fa

    I thought Charlie was a great sport and definitely loved the intro

  • axvl
    axvl 10 mesi fa

    that intro is literally the funniest thing ive ever seen, good work! 😆

  • Matthew Barbieri
    Matthew Barbieri 10 mesi fa

    Where's the mustang driver to driver?

  • alex nasiadka
    alex nasiadka 10 mesi fa

    Y’all gotta give some credit to the OG dr Steve brule, doctor to doctor 👨‍⚕️ 😤

  • Marcus Tay
    Marcus Tay 10 mesi fa

    These are now my main reason I come to Fitment Industries channel tbh

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  • Victor Lewis
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    LMFAOOOO my dude ran off the set in the intro