Road Trip Time Lapse Across The Loneliest Road in America Scarica

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  • 8 mag 2019

  • California → Nevada → Utah → Arizona → Nevada → California Main video: Trip in real time: Discuss this video: Time lapse speed is 12x Music by:


  • Angel Was Here
    Angel Was Here 1 anno fa

    Me: 5 min late to school

  • Griffin Collins
    Griffin Collins 1 anno fa

    When you love eurotruck simulator so much you do it in real life

  • Ian Melzer
    Ian Melzer 1 anno fa

    Considering every car is passing you I assume the Tesla is driving exactly the speed limit?

  • TheYaxy123
    TheYaxy123 1 anno fa


  • Jonah Dahlquist
    Jonah Dahlquist 1 anno fa

    The first 17 minutes were super interesting because I used to live in CA and have driven all of those roads between SF and Sac many times.

  • Justin F.
    Justin F. 1 anno fa

    Truck simulator has way better graphics then what I last remembered.

  • O Bruv
    O Bruv 1 anno fa

    ... Ah, thanks grey, you've condensed down your other vid-

  • Arin Khandelwal
    Arin Khandelwal 1 anno fa

    To save 1.5 hours of your life view at 2x speed

  • Chaitanya
    Chaitanya 1 anno fa

    Just imagine the amount of raw data he gathered from this whole footage

  • Duncan Gombar
    Duncan Gombar 1 anno fa

    You know something is long when the timelapse is 3 hours

  • Avrelia
    Avrelia 1 anno fa

    Now we need one through Europe

  • MCmudkip p
    MCmudkip p 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Grey really did start his trip with going into a left turn lane then goes right.

  • Mujtaba Rafid Ibrahim

    watching this at 3 am in a small room alone is the literal meaning of escapism.

  • Ian Rudolph
    Ian Rudolph 1 anno fa

    so ur the guy driving slow in the passing lane...

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder 1 anno fa


  • Just Friends
    Just Friends 1 anno fa

    Scandia amusement park at

  • Irval Firestar
    Irval Firestar 1 anno fa

    Norway's TV station would like to have a word with you.

  • Liam Vance
    Liam Vance 1 anno fa

    Watch at quarter speed for full effect

  • I'm John
    I'm John 1 anno fa


  • Aqua Tick
    Aqua Tick 1 anno fa

    Poetic and immersive. Grey never dissapoints. Will come back a few more times.