Rita Ora - Only Want You (feat. 6LACK) Scarica

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  • 7 nov 2019

  • "Only Want You" by Rita Ora. Buy this on iTunes to support her. ➤ Listen to our Coral Reef Sounds PLAYLIST on Spotify: https://goo.gl/hFgMAj ➤ or our Country Music playlist for more great music: https://goo.gl/kM8qTP


  • Coral Reef Sounds
    Coral Reef Sounds 10 mesi fa

    "Only Want You" by Rita Ora. Buy this on iTunes to support her.

  • Marin Dana
    Marin Dana 10 mesi fa

    Rita Ora s the besttttt😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  • Mae Kaderly
    Mae Kaderly 10 mesi fa

    I only want you just dont know how to get it back after almost 3 years still been here waiting on you and your in my heart thats why i cant move on but you did so easily

  • Noire T.
    Noire T. 10 mesi fa

    Yes, I only want him❤️

  • Pattie Jerke
    Pattie Jerke 10 mesi fa

    Awesome song..Hits the heart and mind of someone that haunts my soul

  • Robert Smith Wood
    Robert Smith Wood 10 mesi fa

    she's beautiful and I love her voice! I'd love to hear her sing with Clay Walker, both have angel voices

  • Sarita
    Sarita 10 mesi fa

    Only you!!! Great song♥️♥️

  • Federico Floris
    Federico Floris 10 mesi fa

    gotta love this woman's voice

  • Jutka Hart
    Jutka Hart 10 mesi fa

    Waw!! This song is really amazing. Very good music 🤗🤗🤗❤❤🤗🤗🌹🌹Thank you.

  • Diana Lee
    Diana Lee 10 mesi fa

    x shimm'n shimm'n the same shimmy x 🙃😇💯👣

  • sid L
    sid L 10 mesi fa

    confused as to where the feat. 6lack comes in though

  • Terri Stanley
    Terri Stanley 10 mesi fa

    Well I only want you. If you are coming here let me no. You can stay here if you can stand it.

  • Leonora Simões
    Leonora Simões 10 mesi fa

    Wooow magnific song ✌

  • ExoticJewl
    ExoticJewl 10 mesi fa


  • Veronica Cheptoo
    Veronica Cheptoo 10 mesi fa


  • Mae Kaderly
    Mae Kaderly 10 mesi fa

    I only want you always have i am sorry i dont know how to give up you asked me not to you asked the wrong girl but i will never tell you how i truly feel dont want to feel that hurt no more i pretend like every time i see you it doesnt matter but my heart says it does

  • Katalin Farkas
    Katalin Farkas 10 mesi fa

    Istennő formájú hableánylétemre most vízre szállok, hogy kipróbáljam elsűllyedek-e

  • ButterfliesR free
    ButterfliesR free 10 mesi fa

    Very Awesome song and love her voice. Thank you