Richard Brautigan Interview/Reading 1983 Scarica

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  • 3 ott 2013

  • Swiss TV Interview of Richard Brautigan, 1983. Arigato Pardner


  • jltrem
    jltrem 3 anni fa

    First read Brautigan in 1970, "Pacific Radio Fire". I'd never read anything like it. Read everything he published. Was delighted each time a new book came out. In the fall of 1984 I was sitting in a doctor's waiting room, reading a People magazine. To my delight I came upon a story on Richard Brautigan, until not far into the story I found he'd put a bullet through his head. It wasn't the ending I wanted.

  • sneezepal
    sneezepal 6 anni fa

    This man was one of the great poets. Read his "June 30th, June 30th." That's the book he's reading from here. It's great stuff!

  • Davor Babić
    Davor Babić 4 anni fa

    I've been a fan of Brautigan's for God knows how long. Seeing this interview really expanded my view of him and made him seem that much more interesting as a person, and not just as a poet. Thanks for uploading it.

  • luckyswine
    luckyswine 5 mesi fa

    I wrote the first post-graduate thesis on all of Brautigan's novels. Footage of him speaking is a great rarity, though of course there are an abundance of photographs. He was desperate to have his work taken seriously and you can see here how much he enjoys wearing the mantle of distinguished author and poet that he was never really granted in the USA.

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 5 anni fa

    Richard Brautigan's daughter is a kind, caring human being.

  • Nico Jenkins
    Nico Jenkins 7 anni fa

    Japanese dust begins and ends with Japan...japanese dust in the Milky Way." Keep it alive man!

  • Francis Daulerio
    Francis Daulerio 2 anni fa

    Wondering if I could use a bit of this for a Brautigan reinterpretation book release trailer. Please let me know.

  • don fitzsimons
    don fitzsimons 2 mesi fa

    My friends come over and see my books by Brautigan. They ask to borrow them. Sure. I never see the books again. I have rather mixed feelings about this situation. Now that I'm so very old, there are as few Brautigan books on the shelves as there are friends who would look for them.

  • gotama420
    gotama420 4 anni fa

    i found brautigan in 95 devoured all i could find, i wish he had stuck around

  • Whatitsallabout
    Whatitsallabout 4 mesi fa

    "Information is the Future" says Richard Brautigan in 1983. It is now 2020. RIP.

  • UncannyValleyVideos
    UncannyValleyVideos 10 mesi fa

    As it stands, Brautigan is the fabric of my writing. He's sort of the anti-Hemingway - the joint you need after a stiff shot of absinthe.

  • ///////////////////

    love what he said about perception, just disovered Troat Fishing in America and i cant wait to read/hear/learn more. amazing writer, fantastic soul

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  • Nathan Parsons
    Nathan Parsons 3 mesi fa

    My flatmate in the late 80s worked in a 2nd hand bookshop and had collected all the Picador edition Brautigans. Some of my fondest memories of that time are reading RB.

  • marc layne
    marc layne 1 anno fa

    RB lived down the road from me... Montana....

  • Vincent Pisane
    Vincent Pisane 1 anno fa

    I was turned on to Richard Brautigan by a friend of mine back in 1986, in Watermelon Sugar.

  • Nathan Parsons
    Nathan Parsons 2 settimane fa

    A shame he didn't stick around. A whole new generation would discover him just a few years later. I recommend William Hjortsberg's RB biography Jubilee Hitchhiker, a huge but rewarding read though the ending is unspeakably sad.

  • Takezo
    Takezo 9 mesi fa

    he kinda reminds me of DFW

  • grimble
    grimble 2 anni fa (modificato)

    Love his poetry. The future of information he talked about was a bad prediction. The internet has only made people know-all idiots, fake news and whatnot. People change opinions faster than the wind of change and no one think for themselves anymore. People google life instead of living it, they trust facts and statistics, like airheads with no personal life-experience.

  • marc layne
    marc layne 1 anno fa

    RB, the American Yukio Mishima.....