Recycling an Old Butchers Block Series. Part 3. "Enter Sandman" #SRP Scarica

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  • 16 apr 2019

  • The story so far... I had this cracking little old butchers block that needed a little TLC, thinking it was a simple job i took it over to my mate, blacksmith and woodworker extraordinaire Oli Marshall of ORKE Wrought Iron designs. Turns out it needed more than a little TLC, in needed a complete overhaul, in fact, a total rebuild from scratch. So with the mission of up-cycling and trying to reuse as much of the original block as possible, we both set to work to transform this tatty old gal, block by block, into a thing of beauty, and the end result will be something truly special. Part 3, shows us gluing the block back together. Has all the hours of hardwork payed off? Look out for part 4, coming soon.......


  • MyUboat JVO
    MyUboat JVO 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Nice to see you doing it the old ways using friends old businesses from before. Part of the process is the ride down the old lanes. Learning enjoying the experiences. Too easy to use today's sterile give me the money no love no joy. This took me back to when I was a small lad watching the old blacksmith ,mechanics scrumping apples or the creamery to get our milk picking watercress by the brook blackberries at hedges similar to the lanes you drive down in the video. buying fish from the fishmonger who drove to the village every Tuesday back in the 50s before we immigrated to Canada Well done Scott for doing it the old ways. Well done .

  • Mark
    Mark 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Yeah nice to see you sticking together over the maple issue :)

  • Harley Harrison
    Harley Harrison 1 anno fa

    You guys are killing it! A couple of mates knocking their heads together over a project and a couple pints a few days in a row couldn't be better keep up the good work and the friendship gentleman

  • Springer spaniel
    Springer spaniel 1 anno fa

    Great video Scott nice intro from 1985 with ABC be near me👍

  • Thomas Borgsmidt
    Thomas Borgsmidt 1 anno fa

    Titebond: The Colemans Mustard of glue.

  • GunClingingPalin
    GunClingingPalin 1 anno fa

    I am really enjoying watching this restoration. I have been thinking of making my own butcher-block and this is really encouraging me to get busy on it.. really want and end grain table like that.

  • Wm Tarr
    Wm Tarr 1 anno fa

    the product placements made me laugh out loud, guys!

  • David Cramb
    David Cramb 1 anno fa

    A bit "Heath Robinson", but hey, it works. Great British ingenuity 👍

  • dee birdez
    dee birdez 1 anno fa

    I hope Titebond recompenses you both for the brilliiant work and usage of Titebond 3 , for Pros

  • Macartan Caughey
    Macartan Caughey 1 anno fa

    Hi Scott you and Oli were on the glue today. yes it is coming together nicely

  • Mandy Rainey
    Mandy Rainey 1 anno fa

    THE GLUE!!!

  • Matthew McGowan
    Matthew McGowan 1 anno fa

    Scott...I was noticing in my block as i cut up a steer last weekend that mine has dovetail joints holding the chains together..... What is the best method of storing a block between usage?

  • Nick Barnett
    Nick Barnett 8 mesi fa

    Is this guy still an apprentice? 🤪

  • Wm Tarr
    Wm Tarr 1 anno fa

    OK, I can see a few mistakes in the woodwork but, I wouldn't have had the input of a butcher if I was doing it, which I think is significant here, onwards to the next episode

  • LaNett Cox
    LaNett Cox 1 anno fa


  • junglejonny1000
    junglejonny1000 1 anno fa

    Cool project, but get those dang rings off when working with power tools so you don't lose fingers.


    I use the old fashioned sash clamps but, they wouldn't be strong enough for this job. It's looking like a block again ATB, NM.

  • 421rants
    421rants 1 anno fa

    excellent suggestion a brew is required for any and all projects no matter what they are. especially if you're hanging with friends. = )

  • Guirguis Youssef
    Guirguis Youssef 1 anno fa

    Really wonderful video thanks my dear for sharing

  • Randy J
    Randy J 1 anno fa

    in upholstery work to glue leather. they use a special adhesive made from the ejaculate of bull elephants from africa. it is really expensive . There isnt really a shortage of Male Elephants in Africa bt you got to pay somebody to gather it fresh. (story told while using appropriate hand gestures )