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  • 24 mar 2019

  • r/AskReddit People Share Funniest Stories Ever That Made Them Laugh The Most In Their Entire Lives. Grab Some Popcorn. Also share your own story in the comments. Like,Subscribe if ur new Thanks for watching


  • Willybro
    Willybro 1 anno fa

    ok so at my school, when we talk to an adult on campus, we are supposed to say ma’am/sir at the beginning and end of whatever you say.

  • Tora
    Tora 1 anno fa

    Am I the only who laughs uncontrollably when my teacher or parent is having a serious talk with me?

  • Lumina
    Lumina 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Funniest moment of my life so far

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 1 anno fa (modificato)

    In middle school in gym class this kid got hit by a dodge ball in the leg and he yelled “ dude my uvula” and he grabbed his knee in despair and I cried laughing it really wasn’t that funny but I literally cried

  • Anime Sanctuary
    Anime Sanctuary 1 anno fa

    Anyone ever draw something like a face, and laugh at it for a solid 10 minutes?

  • blueyla
    blueyla 1 anno fa


  • Marcury
    Marcury 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I invited a friend of mine over once, it was late at night and I guess he was tired but when he arrived he just straight up stood outside saying nothing and staring at the wall next to the door. He wasn’t even looking at the door. He might’ve been high or something, I was staring at him through the window and kept messaging him, ‘doors open’ but he was just stood staring at the fucking wall. He wasn’t even moving. I shouted out to him and he turned around, not even the same direction my voice came from and shouted “(name)? Is that you? Are you trapped in the walls?” And it took me a full good couple of minutes to bring myself together to open the door and go outside to get him.

  • Himalia
    Himalia 1 anno fa

    One time my classmate farted so loud and hard that the rug lifted

  • KittyPaw animates
    KittyPaw animates 1 anno fa

    For me, the word Coconut :)

  • Mean Bean
    Mean Bean 1 anno fa

    I used to work with one of my best friends. He's a very big guy. About 6'4 and around 300ibs. He was walking across the dining hall to show my boss something. The floor had just been mopped. He fell in the most silent graceful way possible. Just a perfect fluid motion to the ground. My boss and all the workers in breath including myself just about pissed laughing. His expression was so perfect too. Can never forget how perfect it was

  • Ham Lord
    Ham Lord 1 anno fa

    I laughed at the name John lou way to hard once

  • Hailey Leon
    Hailey Leon 1 anno fa (modificato)

    My family had been at an amusement park, six flags. We were at the huge parking lot, walking towards our car to head home. My dad decided to fart in front of my brother and laughed as he was walking backwards. He ended up turning and rammed right into a car that was parked. His surprised face was enough to make the rest of my family burst into laughter. The car alarm turned on and it was the funniest instant karma ever.

  • Natalie Cooper
    Natalie Cooper 1 anno fa

    Me and my younger brother were playing Mario and Sonic 2012 Olympic games on the Wii. He was playing as Donkey Kong and I was a small customisable guy who was wearing a suit and top hat.

  • Alexis Guillen
    Alexis Guillen 1 anno fa

    All students on middle school like to reclinate their chairs backwards, it's really comfortable.Teachers are always telling you this might cause you to fall backwards. However, if you apply a 22 year old teacher to a class this rule just... Let's say on mother's day. The only time my teacher put a plant on his desk on the whole year (for decorations purposes). He was reclinating and fell backwards. Grabbed his desk and took it down whit, plant and all. What made so funny is that he was an acknowledge badass of a teacher, caught in a regular student occurrence. The whole class laughed it off and he just waited for us to finish because he knew we couldn't help it.

  • Eve Slater
    Eve Slater 1 anno fa

    I was playing the Sims (4) with some family friends and my sister once and one option you could too in a conversation with a tell a duck joke so we thought it was really funny but didn’t think much of it but then about five minutes later my friend who is on her phone just started telling us the weirdest Duck jokes you’ve ever seen from google and we were kinda laughing but then she asked us what we see when a duck bends over

  • Nellzy ¡
    Nellzy ¡ 1 anno fa

    A few years ago, I was playing badminton with my brother in the garden.

  • Kantean Nightmare
    Kantean Nightmare 1 anno fa

    That Russian guy is my new best friend. 🤣😂🤣

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat 1 anno fa

    i died laughing when i couldnt hook up my xbox

  • Jaygonator
    Jaygonator 1 anno fa

    We we're going to school when a car without a front fender came along. My sister chuckled a bit and said "mood". I just burst out laughing, I don't know why I found it so funny.

  • Kibchi Redanlae
    Kibchi Redanlae 1 anno fa

    "It feels good-"