Portland - Singing in the streets Scarica

Invia ai tuoi amici
  • 28 feb 2012

  • These girls made my Day :)


  • Ricky Dillon
    Ricky Dillon 8 anni fa

    omg =O the girl on the left is one of my good friends kenzie!! haha i love you kenzie!!

  • sydnie
    sydnie 8 anni fa

    I LOVE all your videos, Carly! I hope I can meet you some day! It would be soooo great! 3

  • This is Melina
    This is Melina 8 anni fa

    OMG :D i love you SO MUCH ! U dont have no idea :D .... UR MY IDOL , ROLEMODEL ! :D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME :D i still cant believe ... thx so much :D

  • Hiyab Gabriel
    Hiyab Gabriel 8 anni fa

    OMG!!! the last two girls on the right are my best friends Tori and Tenay!!

  • Amy Tapley
    Amy Tapley 8 anni fa

    love her laugh at 0:14

  • Yanel V
    Yanel V 8 anni fa

    Carly was in Portland! I didnt know I live there! :(

  • Liberty Fox
    Liberty Fox 8 anni fa

    Portland Oregon ? ...I live there (:

  • 芷宣
    芷宣 8 anni fa

    u rock!! :):)

  • Liezel A.
    Liezel A. 8 anni fa

    Carly is awesome :D

  • kenziegirl101
    kenziegirl101 8 anni fa

    Im the girl on the left in stripes! aweee That was so much fun! Thanks again!

  • Nadine M
    Nadine M 8 anni fa

    I like this video! Girls, well done!

  • Malia Saez
    Malia Saez 8 anni fa

    I love dis

  • imlol fyi
    imlol fyi 8 anni fa


  • PunyYoshi
    PunyYoshi 8 anni fa


  • twpercy11
    twpercy11 8 anni fa

    She's been following me on twitter for a while now.

  • Youdontknowyet
    Youdontknowyet 8 anni fa

    i wish!

    BCOURT 8 anni fa

    is this portland maine?

  • twpercy11
    twpercy11 8 anni fa

    I wonder if she is coming to my area. um....

  • mferguson94
    mferguson94 8 anni fa

    @bcmini123 no oregon