Panic! At The Disco - Dying In LA (Cover) by Anka Scarica

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  • 22 giu 2018

  • thanks for watching :) instagram: link to the instrumental i used: Panic! At The Disco - Dying in LA (Cover) by Anka Anka Anka Milen Anka Milenkovic


  • Julianna Extross
    Julianna Extross 2 anni fa

    Oh my god!! Your voice is perfect for this song!!!!! WHY AREN'T YOU FREAKING FAMOUS MAN! WELL DONE!!!!

  • Bailee
    Bailee 2 anni fa

    You voice is as beautiful as the song! Great job Anka

  • Nicole Alonso
    Nicole Alonso 2 anni fa

    Your control and tone is incredible I love your cover, it’s one of the best I’ve heard!! I made one too if you don’t mind checking it out I would love the feedback :)

  • Cassie8905
    Cassie8905 2 anni fa

    Your voice is incredible and fits this song sooo well

  • Lexii's Tarot
    Lexii's Tarot 2 anni fa (modificato)


  • Michela Madison
    Michela Madison 2 anni fa

    Your voice is more than beautiful. It's inspiring. Thank you for giving us this cover.

  • MyntSprigs
    MyntSprigs 2 anni fa

    your voice is so beautiful

  • Andrea Ziegler
    Andrea Ziegler 2 anni fa

    My god your voice 😶😶. You and Brendon should do a cover of this song sometime. 💖

  • Katie Illsley
    Katie Illsley 2 anni fa

    I love this song so searched for a cover and yours is just amazing!! 😊😘

  • VS Maaike
    VS Maaike 2 anni fa

    Omg your voice is amazing!!!

  • Amberlyn
    Amberlyn 2 anni fa

    I wish I had a voice like yours yeesus the gods have taken control of you

  • Brandon Dalton
    Brandon Dalton 2 anni fa

    This is such a beautiful cover. You have a great voice!

  • Mikalah Mullen
    Mikalah Mullen 2 anni fa

    Wow this is amazing!!!!!

  • Cynthia Galant
    Cynthia Galant 2 anni fa

    Amazing cover! You have such a beautiful voice and an excellent taste in music 😘🎤

  • Anna Ott
    Anna Ott 2 anni fa

    I am in love with voice! You're so good💖

  • Other Abby
    Other Abby 2 anni fa

    You're gonna go places m8😍

  • LonelyTrashcan XXX
    LonelyTrashcan XXX 2 anni fa

    HOW DO YOU SING LIKE THAT ITS SO BEAUTIFUL😭😭 im trying hard to improve my voice and ive been told im doing good but could you post tips maybe? This is my favorite cover of this song ive seen❤❤❤❤❤

  • Procrastinating Doge

    Such a lovely voice chéri, Well done.

  • DTSSThomas
    DTSSThomas 2 anni fa

    Oh my god, this is amazing! Nice vocal control!!!

  • Hayden Gardner
    Hayden Gardner 2 anni fa

    Your voice is so beautiful, this cover is amazing. Your vocal range is literal perfection. Please post more covers and videos because you just blessed YouTube with this video lol my day has been made by watching this❤️💖