Our NEW ducks got LOST in the mail. Scarica

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  • 6 dic 2019

  • We ordered some pricey ducks for our pond. When the post office lost them, we feared they were dead... ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Click “Show More” for resources ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ MORE FROM WHITE HOUSE ON THE HILL: Check out our new merch: bit.ly/2rwUSaE Listen to our music playlist: http://bit.ly/WHOTHmusic We answer your questions here: http://bit.ly/askWHOTH WHOTH hats, calendars, shirts: http://bit.ly/2zQgt2r Get our free newsletter: http://bit.ly/2EnzAEX GET YOUR DEALS HERE: Save 10% on seeds from MIGardener: http://bit.ly/migardener Save 10% on grass-fed meat from FarmFoods: http://bit.ly/FarmFoods (Use the code: WHITEHOUSE10 at checkout) Save 10% on tea from FarmHouse Teas: http://bit.ly/FHTeas (Use the code: WHOTH17 at checkout) MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE: 0:01 Tommy Ljungberg - Black Hole 1:15 8:49 Happy Republic - Nothing Left Of Us 3:19 Jakob Ahlbom - Forget 5:39 Howard Harper-Barnes - The Ministry 7:49 Bonkers Beat Club - Bird Flex 10:26 Bright - Innocence (Source: http://bit.ly/2rcidCl) Use our referral link and get Epidemic Sound free for 30 days: http://bit.ly/epidemicWHOTH Thanks for watching!