OPERATION GRIFTING VIBES | Rainbow Six Siege Scarica

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  • 29 nov 2019

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  • Alex Greene
    Alex Greene 9 mesi fa

    I would like to file a complaint. I am overloaded with Chaotic Neutral vibes

  • Vanshae
    Vanshae 9 mesi fa

    Therapist: “Swole Badger isn’t real he can’t flex on you”

  • The Murph
    The Murph 9 mesi fa

    Therapist : You don’t have to be afraid 🅱️eefy Badger doesn’t exist

  • Tirtharaj Sengupta
    Tirtharaj Sengupta 8 mesi fa

    "that's a dead voice actress" omg Badger you absolute legend

  • Sothisisbasicallyhow

    Badger: "We need a Juggerbear."

  • Jack TheDescendedAngel


  • JG JG
    JG JG 9 mesi fa

    "They started their own private military in the ocean" ah yes, the Diamond Dogs

  • InfernoPlayz
    InfernoPlayz 9 mesi fa

    I would like to see this group play Garry’s Mod. Imagine the amount of Neutral Chaos that would be dripping from that video.

  • Charmatic _YT
    Charmatic _YT 7 mesi fa


  • the_ballistic_raccoon

    badger:I don't pose to be on mixer

  • Benjamin O'Konski
    Benjamin O'Konski 9 mesi fa

    “Welcome to Operation: Roll Tide.”

  • lovessniping
    lovessniping 9 mesi fa

    Damn, Badger out here casual flexing on us with those muscles breh

  • Ayden Phongsavath
    Ayden Phongsavath 9 mesi fa

    Badger: “its a high caliber, its a one shot head shot!!”

  • RemU
    RemU 4 mesi fa


  • iDrinkGlu
    iDrinkGlu 6 mesi fa


  • Andre Edwards
    Andre Edwards 6 mesi fa (modificato)


  • Struggle Gaming
    Struggle Gaming 9 mesi fa

    Mira got 40% less sexy now that she sounds like she smokes a pack a day and watches novellas instead of operating and making gadgets with half of rainbow

  • Megabot 650
    Megabot 650 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    Imagine tossing a disk, and in mid-air, it catches a gernade and the disk lands by the gernade's owner...

  • H-to-O
    H-to-O 4 mesi fa

    “No more going to the store, no more waiting in line...”

  • Suby Mcbites
    Suby Mcbites 9 mesi fa