Meeting to Re-Race the Old Man in Hellcat on the Street! Scarica

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  • 23 ago 2018

  • Remember this Old Man in his Hellcat? Well this time, he was in for a surprise after the last time we raced and he beat me... Thanks for dropping by! Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on! ✩ INSTAGRAM - ✩ SNAPCHAT - itsjusta6 ---------------------------- ✩BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER BY CLICKING HERE: ----------------------------


  • itsjusta6
    itsjusta6 2 anni fa

    Who’s next? 👀🤔😈

  • Yo Daguy
    Yo Daguy 2 anni fa (modificato)

    I love how so many racers live five minutes from Mexico

  • Ronny Döschner
    Ronny Döschner 1 anno fa

    "It runs alright"

  • iGxCarnage
    iGxCarnage 1 anno fa (modificato)

    wow mexico looks a hell of alot like USA

  • John Cassel
    John Cassel 1 anno fa

    Don’t worry the old man is going to up grade too.

  • AphexTwin
    AphexTwin 1 anno fa

    You finally beat him after spending all that money, good job.

  • Parallax
    Parallax 3 mesi fa

    Dude in Hellcat: "wanna race?"

  • BossGamerFTW
    BossGamerFTW 1 anno fa

    “We were about even”. Was like 2-3 cars spaced

  • Original G
    Original G 1 anno fa

    I’m assuming your mustang isn’t stock lol, otherwise a stock hellcat would easily smoke you

  • The Great Fozzie
    The Great Fozzie 1 anno fa


  • johnspartan98
    johnspartan98 1 anno fa

    The Stang's engine will blow up before the Hellcat's will.

  • Im Siimp
    Im Siimp 4 mesi fa

    You know what crazy even tho you beat him that old man is the one person you really will never beat that old man is the goat an 6 to tho

  • キングQue
    キングQue 1 anno fa

    Why do people get salty when Hellcats get beaten?

  • brandon wallace
    brandon wallace 1 anno fa

    I just found your channel and boy oh boy I love your mustang.

  • Rick B
    Rick B 1 anno fa

    Mexico! I don’t think so, wink wink, secret spot where the Police will never find us.👀🙄😳🤣

  • GLI MK7
    GLI MK7 1 anno fa

    That’s stock hell no way your beating modified I’ll race you with my Supra

  • Fish Wranglers
    Fish Wranglers 1 anno fa

    Both beautiful cars i think what dodge, ford and chevy have done to their muscle cars is awesome. Lots of dodge fans talking down on the pony..why??? Even if the hellcat was bone stock it still has a 6.2 liter supercharged powerplant the pony has a 5.0 liter supercharged powerplant. The dodge should have walked the hell out of the pony but it did not. Ford hit a homerun with that litte coyote engine. Not to mention that the 5.0 with all mods done is probably cheaper than the price tag on the hellcat. The 5.0 is just hard to beat anyway you look at it. Nice job on your pony!!

  • Nick Kritikakos
    Nick Kritikakos 2 anni fa

    This old man STILL never wants to get old

  • Daniel Bruno
    Daniel Bruno 2 anni fa

    this is the most beautiful sounding 5.0 I've ever seen, congrats man

  • The Real Rick
    The Real Rick 1 anno fa

    You've compromised your windshield with the crap on it