Nikon D6 beats Canon & Sony, ADVENTURE Photo Reviews! (TC LIVE) Scarica

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  • Head to to save 10% off your first website or domain with code “CHELSEA” Our Lightroom Presets are neato: Join Chelsea & Tony Northrup every Thursday for the latest photo news and photo reviews. This episode covers the new Nikon D6 announcement, an adventure-themed photo review, and general nonsense. Music provided by affiliate:


  • Jakes De Wet
    Jakes De Wet 1 anno fa

    The reason they announced it without specs is so that the youtube exerts can speculate on the specs, Specs , specs, specs, specs and conclude that the Sony "blows the NIKON AND CANON OUT OF THE WATER" . This is the sum total of the youtube expers, review specs, specs, specs, specs...

  • Michael Ogden
    Michael Ogden 1 anno fa

    Nikon is developing the D6. Stop bath and fixer to follow. :-)

  • Michael Jandavs
    Michael Jandavs 1 anno fa

    In other news, Canon is developing the 5D MK 6 for 2026

  • Names
    Names 1 anno fa

    I predict the Sony A9 II will have global shutter.

  • The Don DeLuxe
    The Don DeLuxe 1 anno fa


  • The Don DeLuxe
    The Don DeLuxe 1 anno fa

    We all know that's Ayahuasca you're drinking, Tony.

  • jbilly24
    jbilly24 1 anno fa

    Complains there are no D6 specs, talks 5 minutes about D6 specs...

  • Dave X
    Dave X 7 mesi fa

    That turd came out today and it is a disaster. So much for Tony the Clairvoyant.

  • Keith Brown
    Keith Brown 1 anno fa

    Maybe a little TMI here, but I'm done. I just wanted to see the Nkon D6 commentary. Thanks.

  • Jimmy Hawke
    Jimmy Hawke 1 anno fa

    I think Nikon got smart by this announcement! They have a patent for a hybrid DSLR mirrorless...the best of both worlds! If they implement this, it will be the ultimate digital camera!

  • Ben O'Loughlin
    Ben O'Loughlin 1 anno fa

    Thank you, Tony, Chelsea, Chris and Justin!

  • Spiro B [crew]
    Spiro B [crew] 1 anno fa

    Hi, I want to submit a Portrait foto? Or i need to do it during the next live? Im from Italy

  • Dirk van Vegchel
    Dirk van Vegchel 1 anno fa

    Thanks for the feature and critique/tips at

  • patrick diaz
    patrick diaz 1 anno fa

    You clickbaited me. I trusted you. :') all joking aside, the d6 better be good if they're playing this mysterious game.

  • PD
    PD 1 anno fa

    re: Chit-caht comments : there is too much Magenta skin sunburn in the videos now.

  • Dan Bahrami
    Dan Bahrami 1 anno fa (modificato)

    I think it is just Nikon F6 for Nikon DSLR World. they want to say: we were best in film World and also we were best in DSLR World. it is good bye party of Nikon. it is Nikon's last premium DSLR.

  • Bowske
    Bowske 1 anno fa


  • Robert Gower
    Robert Gower 1 anno fa

    And just after I bought a D3s too...

  • ccoopify
    ccoopify 1 anno fa

    Have you ever considered having your daughter on the live show for a younger persons perspective on say portraits or selfies?

  • Bob Driscoll
    Bob Driscoll 1 anno fa

    I never knew that you could edit a radial filter mask with a brush. Thanks Chelsea!! Even baked, you rock!