Nightmare 28mm RDA - VaperzCloud! Scarica

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  • 2 gen 2020

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  • Nick LaSala
    Nick LaSala 8 mesi fa

    The Nightmare - named after the current state of the industry 😆

  • Andrew Staats
    Andrew Staats 8 mesi fa

    Is anyone going to mention this is a smaller two-post redesign of the Valhalla by the same company just saying 🤷

  • Chuckin Trucker
    Chuckin Trucker 8 mesi fa

    I agree with everything in this review. Spot on Mike. You're the man as always.

  • Michael Schutz
    Michael Schutz 8 mesi fa

    "BLESS THE BOTTOM SIDE"...My new slogan of the year! OH BAAAABY!

    SPACEFORCE 1 8 mesi fa

    I bought one and I totally agree, I love mine, I wish you would have had the chrome one also to show people how bling it looks.

  • Lance Titus
    Lance Titus 8 mesi fa

    Uh oh, might have to copy you again lol. Have the exact same Triade and that matte black one is lookin sexy on there. Top notch review, Happy New Year brotha!

  • cali_ kush70
    cali_ kush70 8 mesi fa

    Oh yeah man! My first vape review video of 2020, Just made my new year! 'bless the bottom side' haha love me that bottom side comb out!! 😈💨🤘 keep up the good work!

  • Scott Duerson
    Scott Duerson 8 mesi fa

    The positive block looks to be leaning some.

  • Im Noobin
    Im Noobin 8 mesi fa

    I have had my Nightmare rda for a month. Absolutely love it but I did have some issues (i fixed these issues). The o rings that was included wouldnt let the top cap sit on the deck at all and the ones that were installed were shredded to pieces. I also had to file down the negative post screw (the one on the bottom to hold the post) because it stuck out just enough to cause the rda to not sit properly on any mod (it even carved the top of my mech mod all to hell). But other than those issues it is a great rda and I can see it being a daily use.

  • Keith Wilson
    Keith Wilson 8 mesi fa

    with the coil install: when ever I cut my coil legs so close to each other I always cringe cause; snip! you just killed a $20 handmade alien wire by accidentally cutting the leg 1mm from the coil

  • Azrael Bloodbane
    Azrael Bloodbane 8 mesi fa

    I just love how Mike's voice of the commenters sounds just like Strongbad from Homestar Runner. Mike, if you don't know it, look it up, you'll get a chuckle

  • Mike Burg
    Mike Burg 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    Happy New Years Mr & Mrs Vapes! Steve too!! I been waitn for this Mike🖒 Great job! I want that gunmetal for my warlock guardian 😍 Ty Mike... The build was great Imo those coiloligy's got sum nice colors

  • KillerWatt Ω
    KillerWatt Ω 8 mesi fa

    ⭐Happy New Year to All!!🎉😁

  • Inovation __
    Inovation __ 8 mesi fa

    Hey mike! Hppy new year mate.🔥

  • Dan TheMan
    Dan TheMan 8 mesi fa

    Great review Mike. love the looks of this rda, really sexy. Happy new year brother 👊

  • driven edge
    driven edge 3 mesi fa

    just got mine and about to drop some Coilology stappled Clapton's in it! Beautiful in the matte black!

  • Travis Henderson
    Travis Henderson 8 mesi fa

    Great review to start out the new year !

  • Nick LaSala
    Nick LaSala 8 mesi fa

    That 2020 tickle christening 💯

  • Jp Vapes
    Jp Vapes 8 mesi fa

    Haven’t you already done this review a few months ago mike

  • adksherm
    adksherm 8 mesi fa

    Great review mike. So , those two grub screw that match the one in the positive post, those are for spares?