Nightcore - Blue Eyed Demon (ROY KNOX) Scarica

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  • 6 gen 2020

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  • Illumi Music
    Illumi Music 8 mesi fa

    This one sounds so epic! Love it! 😍

  • Siro
    Siro 8 mesi fa

    Blue Eyed Demon

  • PSI Doggo
    PSI Doggo 8 mesi fa

    If it has blue eyes, it’s a good demon 👀 OwO

  • Music2night 4Life
    Music2night 4Life 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    Roy Knox smashing it with his blue eyed demon music. They literally are the best! The beats are crazy and great! I love the drop where the vocals are chopped and catchy drumbeats. He’s a great artist and has been noticed quite a lot by NCS! I love the Melodic Dubstep vibes and it suits a perfect Monday! Thanks for the upload and can’t wait for the next ones! Bye! Thx!

  • Daniel Teterissa
    Daniel Teterissa 8 mesi fa

    I like how the picture goes with the flow of the music

  • Fujiro
    Fujiro 8 mesi fa

    When you legit just arrive at home and you see another one is here 3

  • Marco Kun wolf
    Marco Kun wolf 8 mesi fa

    well blue eyed demon are cute to like this girl here

    CRABELL 8 mesi fa


  • RoyalEnder 2002
    RoyalEnder 2002 8 mesi fa

    Roy Knox coming in with another Epic banger when they are already be able to lifts our spirit and hype level really high after a few seconds of listening to it. Love the hype and amazing music and how they time with the unique vocals so epic job well done to Roy Knox for making this super sweet and cool track and can't wait what other future tracks they made. But anyway as always love it a lot so here take these hearts of appreciation 💙💜❤️💚🧡💛

  • TM. Alejo. YT. Y
    TM. Alejo. YT. Y 8 mesi fa

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  • Brayan Azar
    Brayan Azar 8 mesi fa


  • Ruben Flores Trejo
    Ruben Flores Trejo 8 mesi fa

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  • Marco Kun wolf
    Marco Kun wolf 8 mesi fa

    Indeed it’s a good demon

  • Aceilize
    Aceilize 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    Last for like 1 second

  • Yerel Vasquez Bellido

    Llegue casi tarde :'v

  • Mohamed El Ghouaouta

    Syrex Like 😹❤️

  • Derrick rexman
    Derrick rexman 8 mesi fa

    Thanks for increasing my playlist every day lol

  • Denzel Weathers
    Denzel Weathers 8 mesi fa

    This Demon a Cutie😍💙💙

  • Lal Rempuia
    Lal Rempuia 8 mesi fa

    I really like it syrex I like how you make the picture and background effect thanks again you make my day lucky again

  • Kaela MacLaughlin
    Kaela MacLaughlin 8 mesi fa

    Sounds like me sometimes, hehe.