New 700hp Car Reveal (not a hellcat) Scarica

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  • 18 mar 2018

  • Here's what you guys have all been waiting for. I hope you like it... Creative Director - Music - The Rise by Dreweybear __ Do me a favor and hit that big SUBSCRIBE button and turn notifications on! Be sure to drop a like and/or comment on what you think about this video and what else you want to see! __ If you haven't already, be sure to stop by my Instagram //@itsjusta6


  • itsjusta6
    itsjusta6 2 anni fa

    This car is a blank canvas ready for me to personalize. What mods would you like to see?

  • MooseTube Films
    MooseTube Films 2 anni fa

    The editing you did in this video is 10/10 best I have ever seen love it!

  • //ENRAGED M3XI4\\
    //ENRAGED M3XI4\\ 2 anni fa

    I’m more of mustang guy and have liked your channel for a while, now I know why I liked your channel it’s because you where a mustang guy at heart

  • Tripp Young
    Tripp Young 2 anni fa

    Shit was live asf, gave me goosebumps 👀

  • LeJavJav
    LeJavJav 2 anni fa

    You know when his fully built heads cammed camaro got gapped by a bolt on 5.0 was when he made his choice of getting one too.. lol. Nice UPGRADE!

  • Random Case Breakers

    Well its already supercharged with an exhaust so it's not completely blank. Make sure you upgrade your oil pump gear to something a little beefier than stock. @dorothy_5.0 is my Instagram if you want a look at how to start modding your IRS suspension. It looks like you also have a performance pack car so you already have some goodies like bigger radiator, beefier sway bars, upgraded rear toe links, 3.73 gears, strut tower brace, brembo big brake kit. I would suggest a 1" lowering springs with struts and shocks, and some IRS support bushings, alignment kit, differential bushings, subframe braces, IRS lockout, vertical links..... Welcome to the mustang family

  • Whoro
    Whoro 2 anni fa

    dude your edits gives me goosbumps every single time, its beautiful

  • Motrhead0901
    Motrhead0901 2 anni fa

    Wow. This is like professional video editing. Great job man.

  • Jordan Crandall
    Jordan Crandall 2 anni fa

    I knew it was a S550 lol. But this is a bad ass video man!

  • Noah Snyder
    Noah Snyder 2 anni fa

    I could have listened to audio only and still known it was a Mustang. I can tell you're pumped to have it and I know you're going to have a lot of fun with it. No matter what I'm gonna be subbed. I've been subbed since you got your Camaro.

  • Manuel Soria
    Manuel Soria 2 anni fa

    Bro let me start by saying what an amazing video !! Now i dont really like mustangs im more of a GM guy but honestly im actually kind of really excited to see what you do and i cant wait for your videos! Again AMAZING video it was bomb.

  • Jerry Sanchez
    Jerry Sanchez 2 anni fa (modificato)

    Im not a mustang fan but I respect your decisions, just do me one favor and don't kill anybody ;)

  • Sammy Rosenberg
    Sammy Rosenberg 2 anni fa

    Why isn’t this video trending???

  • pistonheadjake
    pistonheadjake 2 anni fa (modificato)

    I Think i've accounted for about 80,000 of these views.

  • beyondspexj
    beyondspexj 2 anni fa

    Glad I subscribed. Notifications turned on. Loved the camaro and you definitely got my attention with the ‘stang. I’ve owned 5 but love anything that’s clean and fast. Cannot wait for season 2.

  • Jeffrey Kennedy
    Jeffrey Kennedy 2 anni fa

    Sweet! I enjoyed your Camaro but I have always been a mustang guy and as soon as I saw the engine bay I knew exactly what I was looking at. Cant wait for more videos!

  • AlmightyAlrighty
    AlmightyAlrighty 2 anni fa

    This should be a Mustang Commercial.

  • Call me Sloth
    Call me Sloth 2 anni fa

    Holy shit i wish i found your channel a lot more soon bro I just subscribed and nice job man :)

  • Teege
    Teege 2 anni fa

    First mod needs to be oil pump gears!!

  • Rasif Choudhury
    Rasif Choudhury 2 anni fa

    this video literally made me subscribe