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  • Join us on tour for Elevation Nights 2020! For tickets and locations visit Subscribe to get the latest videos and songs: Available everywhere now: Apple Music - ITunes - Amazon - Spotify - Pandora - Find chord charts, lyrics, and more at: Connect with Elevation Worship: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Lyrics: Miracles when You move Such an easy thing for You to do Your hand is moving right now You are still showing up At the tomb of every Lazarus Your voice is calling me out Right now I know You’re able My God come through again You can do all things You can do all things but fail Cause You've never lost a battle No You've never lost a battle And I know, I know You never will Everything’s possible By the power of the Holy Ghost A new wind is blowing right now Breaking my heart of stone Taking over like it’s Jericho My walls are all crashing down You've never lost a battle You've never lost a battle You've never lost a battle Written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hammer CCLI #: 7134788 ISRC: US-PJT-19-00035 #elevationworship #officiallyricvideo #neverlost


  • Amina’s view
    Amina’s view 10 mesi fa

    I can’t be the only one listening to this song on repeat

  • Paolo Dejaro
    Paolo Dejaro 10 mesi fa

    "but fail" — used "but" as preposition. It means God can do all things except fail.🙌❤️

  • Samuel Soyebo
    Samuel Soyebo 10 mesi fa

    For those who don’t know, this song was released as a single in honor of the life of LaShawn Daniels. Daniels was a Grammy-winning icon in the world of gospel/contemporary songwriting and a beloved soul who tragically lost his life in September. The song was originally a demo that had only been recorded and performed at Elevation Church, likely to be released in the next project or album that Daniels was working on with Elevation.

  • Kenton Smith
    Kenton Smith 10 mesi fa

    This song touches me so much. These past couple of weeks have been rough for me, watching my mom in and out the hospital, but I remember the other week being at a red light, and just crying out to God, to heal my mom body, and now my mom is back on her feet working, and healthier than ever before. God is so good, he never lost a battle, and once we see that, we (including me) will start to trust him 100% with our lives. I love y’all. Great song Elevation, as always 😊🙏

  • Shalom Emmanuel Ohao
    Shalom Emmanuel Ohao 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Yessssssss, thank youuuuu so much.

  • Caleb Park Production Company

    I'm getting like a Christmas soul vibe from this song

  • Rose
    Rose 10 mesi fa

    i needed this, i have a big exam on sunday. Please pray for me, i declare victory over my exam, i am a victory not a failure and i can do everything through christ who strenghtens me. I can do this.

  • Marla Polania
    Marla Polania 10 mesi fa

    RIP Lashawn Daniels.He wrote this song for his church Elevation Worship.

  • Reagan Jones
    Reagan Jones 10 mesi fa

    God can do all things, but fail! I think a lot of us needed to hear that today.

  • Chrisitian Gilbert
    Chrisitian Gilbert 10 mesi fa

    You know your day is gonna be good when you start it off with Jesus and Elevation

  • Juliet St. James
    Juliet St. James 10 mesi fa

    "You're still showing up, at the tomb of every Lazarus". You're still able, you've never lost a battle. I pray that everyone who comes across this song, that you feel a tangible presence of God's incredible overwhelming love for you, and how much he wants to be part of your everyday. In the midst of trials, depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, financial struggles, marriage breakdown, health issues, he says to you; "Be still and know I am God. " God bless you

  • Thato Tshepo Raphadu

    Matthew 19: 26 -Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." ...... thanks @elevationworship.

  • Thriving Roses
    Thriving Roses 10 mesi fa


  • Patience Anderson
    Patience Anderson 10 mesi fa

    It's always a great reminder to know that God is our undefeated champion!

  • Love God - Christian Songs

    I'm gonna pray for the people who gave this a thumbs down.

  • Franky B
    Franky B 10 mesi fa

    Tiffany's voice is soooo angelic, put together with CB's voice..... A MUST HEAR!!

  • Kim BeMe
    Kim BeMe 9 mesi fa

    I just listened to this song on repeat throughout the night just as my son JOSHUA did on November 4 the day before he left for military boot camp. I just got a call last night from him and he said he’s experiencing things he never thought imaginable. But what he did say over and over is...”God Is Good”.... and I reminded him over and over...”God Never Fails, He Never Lost A Battle” 🙌🏾 And guess what... I Know HE Never Will 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Michell Dorn
    Michell Dorn 10 mesi fa

    Bless you Pastor Steven and Elevation Worship for blessing us with such beautiful words. Congratulations on a job well done!

  • lillissie
    lillissie 10 mesi fa


  • Kimberly Castro
    Kimberly Castro 2 mesi fa

    I'm listenig to this song after i knew i failed in my collegr entrance exam, i will trust in you Lord 😢