My first day taking turpentine second low dose Scarica

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  • 13 feb 2018


  • Brant Wehde
    Brant Wehde 1 anno fa

    I got cocky and pulled in my mouth with it straight up. FYI, DONT DO THAT! Back to the castor oil. It's really effective and that blockage in my gut, moved. It's scary at times but I've been taking pretty high doses cuz I'm fucked if I dont get rid of this sickness. Good results so far with pine spirits. High dose as in a half teaspoon.

  • Ben G
    Ben G 1 anno fa

    Sounds like you have Lyme

  • hurc661966
    hurc661966 2 anni fa

    I think your suppose to take it with water. Right?

  • Donna Nichols
    Donna Nichols 2 anni fa

    You take it with sugar cubes for several