My Favourite Items in Classic WoW Scarica

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  • 23 ott 2019

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  • Alexandr Zaykov
    Alexandr Zaykov 5 mesi fa

    I love how many people have this "I grinded with edgy nu-metal on my .mp3" memory.

  • TheOriginal GGHarasser

    I was in my early 20s, I was in my mid 40s. The way this is phrased makes it sound like you're aging decades in the span of a year or so.

  • Adrian Arshad
    Adrian Arshad 5 mesi fa

    "Killing Twilight Mobs in Silithus ..."

  • MrEverisforever
    MrEverisforever 10 mesi fa

    Took me 11 runs of LBRS back in the day to get the druid shoulders

  • Aura Wolf
    Aura Wolf 10 mesi fa

    Mark of the Dragon Lord from LBRS...

  • Lucas
    Lucas 7 mesi fa

    Flurry Axe is one of my favorites in Classic. I always wanted one, and since I started playing Classic, I've found two so far. XD I used both of course, not going to sell such a beauty.

  • jdspencer60
    jdspencer60 3 mesi fa

    WINAMP. It really whips the llama's ass!

  • Exmachina
    Exmachina 5 mesi fa

    Yeah Wildheart Shoulders are amazing, the complete set is so unique, still my favourite druid set although Im wearing a T1/T2 mix on my real classic druid atm.

  • Lisävauhti™
    Lisävauhti™ 10 mesi fa

    [Robes of Arugal] can't be resisted of liking it

  • CAJ in Texas
    CAJ in Texas 10 mesi fa

    The most fun I ever had in Vanilla was doing stealth runs through LBRS.

  • jose juan andrade
    jose juan andrade 10 mesi fa

    I ran UBRS 100 times to get my Lightforged spaulders back in 2005 so i could turn them into Soulforged. 3 runs a night tru the whole UBRS. Real gamers don't quit Hamster!! :)

  • zhell
    zhell 10 mesi fa

    Its annoyed me for ages how the H and the W in the intro doesn't line up in the middle

  • Petrazenka
    Petrazenka 8 mesi fa

    enti's quenched sword

  • SkeleOfNi
    SkeleOfNi 10 mesi fa

    Ooh, i also listened to nu-metal on winamp while playing wow. Good times.

  • Lasher
    Lasher 10 mesi fa

    I still use, and probably always will use, Winamp.

  • Neelarai
    Neelarai 10 mesi fa


  • Jesse Cashman
    Jesse Cashman 10 mesi fa

    What was the song name during the video? Around

  • Auby
    Auby 8 mesi fa

    So will the two on use spell damage trinkets be able to stack when ZG comes out for classic wow?

  • wifiwizard
    wifiwizard 10 mesi fa

    I got the talisman on my mage last week

  • James Fletcher
    James Fletcher 10 mesi fa

    listening to the Cronix channels back in the day by chance Hamster?